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Mitt Romney Tells A Joke

Introducing his wife in a pre-taped segment, Romney jokes that Ann could take his place atop the Republican ticket — and that the press would like her better. Not bad!

I’m sorry I can’t be there with all of you in person but the truth is I don’t even think I was invited to this party. I keep reading about how this week is supposed to be my big moment but I only get to be in Tampa for one night. And then I looked at Ann’s schedule, and well the phrase ‘while the cat’s away the mice will play’ comes to mind? By the time I get to town, the delegates may have decided to nominate Ann instead. And wouldn’t that be interesting? And do you think if Ann were the nominee, the press would write stories about how my job is to humanize Ann? I don’t think so. But seriously, Ann and I have shared quite a journey since those high school days when we first fell in love. This week will be one we’ll never forget. So thank you for coming today and honoring my sweetheart. She’s just one of the extraordinary women here in Tampa and I salute all of you. Please join me in welcoming Ann now. Ladies and gentlemen, the next first lady of the United States, Ann Romney."

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