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    Chris Christie Joins Tumblr, Twitter To Share Behind-The-Scenes Of GOP Convention

    The keynote speaker will provide a behind-the-scenes look at his experience in Tampa.

    TAMPA — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has joined Tumblr and launched a dedicated Twitter account to chronicle his visit and keynote address to the Republican National Convention.

    The Twitter account, @ChristieKeynote will provide the latest updates on his visit, according to an aide. The Tumblr will include exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos, as well as the first look at the video introducing Christie before he speaks on Tuesday night. Additionally Christie's speech text will be posted to the Tumblr before anywhere else, the aide said.

    The first photos include Christie's daughter standing behind the podium where Christie is practicing his convention speech, and a quote of his from the New York Post explaining that he's going to bring his fiery speaking style to Tampa.

    Christie has built up a national name for himself in large part thanks to YouTube videos of town halls he's conducted as a candidate and governor. His latest social media effort is an attempt to continue that success as he takes on the biggest stage of his career.

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