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    15 Products That'll Help You Become A Bit Less Forgetful

    Get it together. No seriously, GET IT TOGETHER.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Can't find your phone? Make that a thing of the past with the Tile Pro.

    Amazon / Via

    The Tile Pro is honestly a game-changer. Use your smartphone to ring your Tile Pro when it's out of sight and simply double press the Tile Pro to make your phone ring when you lose that as well – even when it's on silent!

    Price: £27.99.

    2. Always forgetting to turn your domestic appliances off? Make life that little bit easier, AND save some money with this plug timer socket.

    Amazon / Via

    If you're someone who's always leaving lights or electrical appliances on, this plug timer socket is the product for you. You'll be able to use up to ten different ON/OFF programs in a seven-day period; every program you set repeats once each week. Each event can be set to occur on a specific day, combination of days, or every day. So, what are you waiting for? Save on your energy bills and extend the life of your appliances!

    Price: £15.99.

    3. Ever gotten to the supermarket and then COMPLETELY forgotten what you walked in there for? Well, thanks to this food shopping ticklist, those days are NO MORE!

    Amazon / Via

    Organise your daily, weekly or monthly food and/or grocery shopping needs with this handy little notepad. Categorised into 25 sections, save money buying things you actually need and not those impulse purchases that you always end up regretting! Rated 4.5 stars, reviewers have said this product made shopping a lot easier!

    Price: £4.35.

    4. Ever gone somewhere that only takes cash? Keep some emergency money in this keyring cash holder.

    Amazon / Via

    With this cash holder, you'll always have a spare bit of money in case of emergency. Tough and waterproof, this little capsule is able to fit one note of any currency at each time. It easily attaches to any keyring, and is the perfect little practical gift you could get yourself – or anyone else, for that matter!

    Price: £7.99.

    5. Trying to keep hydrated but you never actually know how much water you drink in a day? This motivational water bottle will do all the work for you.

    Amazon / Via

    Keep on top of all of your hydration goals with this eco-friendly, BPA-free water bottle. Leak-proof and decorated with motivational daily targets to remind you of your daily recommended water intake, this water bottle could come in really handy for those who always forget to drink enough water!

    Price: £6.95.

    6. Forgot your phone charger at home? Have no fear! That bracelet charging cord looks great on you.

    Amazon / Via

    This USB-C type charger bracelet is easy to take on and off, so you'll always be able to charge your phone even if you left your regular charging cable at home. An absolute win, if you ask me!

    Price: £11.99 for a Samsung-compatible charger, and also £11.99 for the iPhone compatible version.

    7. Keep on top of your mail AND know where your keys are with this mail holder and key rack.

    Amazon / Via

    This decorative and functional mail and key holder could be the perfect little organisational tool for your home. Rated 4.5 stars, some reviewers say this is excellent!

    Price: £13.19.

    8. Are you a plant lover but can NEVER remember to actually water them? Don't fret, this self-watering plant pot does it for you.

    Amazon / Via

    This self-watering plant pot has a water reservoir that supplies your plant with the correct amount of water! Just fill up the water reservoir and your plant will become self sufficient, doing ALL of the work for you! All you need to do (don't worry, it's not a lot) is fill the reservoir when it's empty – but don't panic, it'll remind you!

    Price: £24.99.

    9. You guessed it. This Amazon Echo Spot, because Alexa is the do-it-all queen we all want to be.

    Amazon / Via

    The Amazon Echo Spot is designed to fit anywhere in your home, bringing you everything you love about Alexa. Using a cloud-based service that provides you with music, news, alarms or even the ability to control your smart-home, the Echo Spot is compatible with most smart home devices. Ask Alexa to turn on your lights, show baby monitors and front door cameras, and lock your doors, plus, control your thermostats, plugs and more. And FYI, there is a button to turn the microphone and camera off! Rated 4.5 stars, some reviewers have said this piece of tech is brilliant.

    Price: £119.99.

    10. Trying to find something in your handbag but it's SO cluttered, you want to scream? Don't worry, this insert handbag organiser has GOT YOU.

    Amazon / Via

    Pop this bad boy into your handbag (or tote bag) and say goodbye to midday stress and HELLO to organisation HEAVEN!

    Price: £9.99.

    11. These flameless candles are perfect for anyone who loves a candle (obviously), but just can't remember to blow them out. Fire hazard? We don't know her.

    Amazon / Via

    These easy-to-use remote-controlled electrical candles run on a timer, so they'll turn off EVEN if you forget to. Rated 4.5 stars, some reviewers have praised these for how good they look, and I'm inclined to agree with them!

    Price: £11.99.

    12. This magnetic fridge whiteboard is handy for putting reminders on – jog your memory while also getting your breakfast together in the morning!

    Amazon / Via

    Keep on track of all your daily and weekly plans with this anti-staining (perfect for those who despise smudges) magnetic whiteboard is perfect for those with forgetful minds. Also, heads up: all accessories provided come with magnets too! – so you'll be less likely to lose any pens or markers!

    Price: £11.95.

    13. Ever gone to a party and you were meant to bring wine? But you FORGOT TO CHILL THE GODDAMN WINE???? Here's a rapid ice cooler for next time.

    Amazon / Via

    With this rapid ice cooler, your wine (or preferred drink of choice, of course) will be chilled in five minutes. OH, YES! YOU HEARD US RIGHT! After you're done with the cooler all you have to do is pop it back in the freezer for the next time.

    Price: £17.57.

    14. Keep all of the important stuff in one safe place with this wallet phone case.

    Amazon / Via

    This wallet phone case has eleven card slots, three cash lots and one zipper wallet. It also has a magnetic system that'll keep your belongings secure, however it's easy to open so you'll never get 'locked' out of your own wallet (OMG could you imagine).

    Price: £19.99 -£21.99. depending on colour and size.

    15. And finally, this 'put me down' toilet sticker, because let's face it, sometimes it happens.

    Amazon / Via

    Put it down, people!

    Price: £1.65.