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    12 Things To Know About Drew Barrymore's Wine

    There's more to Barrymore Wine than meets the eye. Or is there?

    1. Barrymore Wines was created to honor Drew's family.

    2. It's "fresh, dynamic, and fun" Pinot Grigio.


    Just like Drew is, GET IT??

    3. It will keep you company when you're alone at a bar.

    4. Chelsea Handler likes it.


    Or she at least faked it.

    5. It likes ice.

    6. It will tell you that it's actually Drew Barrymore, but really it's just a bottle of wine with a sense of humor.

    7. It will make you visit a vineyard without any shoes on.

    8. It's dangerous.

    9. It's relaxing.

    10. It's delish.

    11. It will make you laugh.

    12. It goes great with pumpkins!!

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