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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a whale bath rinser for your little one, a set of Harry Potter wand makeup brushes, and a rhinestone and glitter iPhone case.

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Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently “trending.”

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week.

1. A fierce pair of mirrored cat-eye shades you can count on to make any outfit perfection.

Promising Review: “I've spent a lot of money on shades, but I've never loved a pair as much as these. I have the yellow-gold ones. And I know I'm going to be stopped and asked about them whenever I wear them out!" —Hidden Jules

The sunglasses are available in 14 colors.

2. A pretty aluminum phone stand that will give your device a chic place to rest at all times.

Promising Review: “This is such a versatile stand. I have it on top of my vanity table, which is where I spend most of my time. I love how I can see the screen clearly. And if it needs charging, there's a place for it to go. It also keeps the charging cable out of the way, with the option of putting the phone on it either vertical or horizontal.” —R.E.F.

The phone stand is available in red, black, and silver.

3. A set of fake septum rings so you can live out your nose piercing dreams in a less permanent way.

Promising Review: “I love that these rings aren’t too expensive, and come in so many cute styles. They fit well and are very comfortable.” —Marissa

The septum rings are available in bronze, silver and gold.

4. A gleaming rhinestone and glitter iPhone case that will let your phone outshine all of the competition.

Promising Review: “This case is absolutely beautiful! It fits my phone perfectly and does a great job protecting it. I've dropped my phone since getting this case, and it hasn't had any damages yet." —LIzz D.

The phone case comes in eight colors.

5. A wooden rubber stamp set to bring a vintage feel to your planner or scrapbook.

Promising Review: “These are great little stamps for the price. The box they came in is very nice and perfect for storage. I bought these to use on clay projects and pendants, and they work perfectly." —Lora

The 70-piece set includes 26 capital letter stamps, 26 lowercase letter stamps, 10 number stamps, and eight punctuation stamps.

6. A reusable plastic popsicle mold set you can use to create some tasty frozen treats your crew will love.

Promising Review: “These popsicle molds are perfect. We purchased them for a specific popsicle experiment. But our kids have since been having a ball making several different flavors with them. The tray keeps them secure in the freezer, and they're easy to separate from the molds. The plastic sticks are sturdy, and everything is easy to clean. I'm actually thinking of buying an additional set to accommodate the demand!” —W. Dardine

The six-piece set is available in green, yellow, and multicolored.

7. A jar of gel-cream moisturizer that will give your skin a hydrated glow.

Promising Review: “I’ve been using Clinique Moisture Surge for a while now and I love it. However, it's very expensive. I would say Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel-Cream is basically the same product. I love this as much as I do the Clinique moisturizer, and it costs less than half of what I was paying for it. I have slightly oily skin. But this absorbs quickly so your skin doesn't feel greasy." —Bears Chick 28

8. A set of no-tie elastic shoelaces to take all the hassle out of putting on your favorite kicks.

Promising Review: “My daughter loves having these laces in her shoes. They work perfectly!" —AL518

The laces fit most adult and kids shoes and come in 42 colors.

9. A super cute whale rinser that'll keep your favorite little one’s bathtime tear-free.

Promising Review: “I purchased this for my three-year-old grandson, and it has made washing his hair less frightening. He plays with it until it's ready to be used to rinse his hair. Grandma likes less drama and more happy faces during bathtime." —K Young

10. A leakproof meal-prep lunch bag — with six containers and a shaker thermos — so you can keep your health plans on track.

Promising Review: “I love this insulated lunch bag. The included ice pack keeps food cool for the whole day. I can also pack a variety of foods with the six containers." —Sera Weisel

The lunch bag includes a water bottle, six plastic food containers, a pill/vitamin case, and an ice pack.

11. A gorgeous stainless steel electric kettle to boil water and dress up your kitchen counter — at the same time!

Promising Review: “This kettle looks really nice, has a large capacity, and is super easy to use.” —NH

12. An adorable set of thank-you cards that you can use to brighten up anyone’s day.

Promising Review: “I love, love, love these cards! They are made of sturdy card stock and the colors are amazing." —Carolann Brockman

The set comes with 48 cards in six different styles and is available in five design themes.

13. A pair of claw-finger gardening gloves that will make digging, planting, and pruning beyond easy.

Promising Review: “I gave these gloves as a gift to my gardening friend and she loved them! They fit great and enabled her to dig in the dirt to work on her beautiful flower beds.” —Linda Bowers

14. A pack of nail polish remover pads to help you wipe off gel polish or prep your nail beds before applying a base coat.

Promising Review: "These pads are perfect for at-home gel manicures. There are so many of these little guys packed in the box, which slides in and out of the cover for easy storage. They are the perfect size. I use them to prep the nail bed before applying a base coat, as well as for wiping off the sticky residue while finishing up manicures. They are also very absorbent once loaded with alcohol or acetone.” —Melissa M. Santa Maria

15. A wire-free sports bra with removable pads that'll give you added support during workouts.

Promising Review: “This bra fits great and is actually supportive! For people questioning the size, I ordered an XL and I wear a 36-38DD. I haven't taken the pads out, which I normally do because they look ugly. But these pads look fine, so I'm going to leave them in until they start to annoy me.” —Cherries 27

The sports bra is available in eight colors, with the option to buy an individual bra, a three-pack, or a four-pack.

16. A magnetic screen door curtain to give you an instant barrier from annoying bugs while letting in a refreshing breeze.

Promising Review: “Installing this curtain was surprisingly easy and went very fast. Setting up the curtain is possible without having to use any tools, and it holds firmly. What we like most is that it automatically closes, thanks to sewn-in magnets on it. And the curtain also allows a pretty clear view out of the door. " —EBT Schweiz

The screen door curtain comes in sizes 34"x82” and 36”x82".

17. A set of slim night-lights that automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn — so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving them on.

Promising Review: “These lights are perfect. They are cheap and glow a very pleasing color. They are great for your bathroom or as a night light for children. And their shape keeps them from hogging two power plugs." —H

The night lights are available in a four-pack, six-pack, and eight-pack, with two color options.

18. A clay bar cleaning kit to easily remove small debris and contaminants from your car without harming your paint job.

Promising Review: “This clay bar cleaning kit is really great. And be sure to keep the detailing spray for later. When I used it with soapy water — to lubricate it — it left my car as smooth as glass.” —Michael S.

The kit includes two 80-gram clay bars, a bottle of instant detailer, and one microfiber towel.

19. An amazing Guitar for Dummies starter kit so you can finally serenade your sweetie with some smooth tunes.

Promising Review: "This kit is so awesome! I purchased it for my husband because he wants to learn acoustic guitar. We were pleased with the high quality of the product. And it also doesn't hurt that it's very pretty!" —Liz

The kit — which comes with a 10-year warranty — includes a Kona acoustic guitar, the book Guitar Basics for Dummies, a battery-operated digital tuner with an accompanying audio CD, a black cloth guitar bag, a hex key for tightening the guitar’s neck, and three guitar picks.

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