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    17 Makeup GIFs That Are So Satisfying They're Borderline Erotic

    It's almost too sensual to watch.

    1. Just look at how beautifully blended this eyeshadow is.

    Laila Tahri / Via

    2. This is just perfection.

    Lisa Eldridge / Via

    3. This glorious work of art.

    Beautila / Via

    4. How does one apply mascara so flawlessly?

    makeupproject / Via

    5. This highlight, oh this highlight!

    Jackie Aina / Via

    6. This breathtaking gold glitter smokey eye.

    Amys Makeup Box / Via

    7. It's almost too sensual to watch.

    Leyla Rose / Via

    8. This is so soothing.

    ByJeannine / Via

    9. This perfect application of lashes.

    MsAaliyahJay / Via

    10. The precision!

    Sarah Steller / Via

    11. You can see the bliss all over her face.

    The Platform / Via

    12. That new brush feeling.

    fashionmagazine / Via

    13. Have you seen an ombre lip so perfect?

    Ronkeraji / Via

    14. The seamless technique.

    Emilia muartist / Via

    15. The highlight, but also the eyebrow arch.

    16. A thing of pure beauty.

    Leyla Rose / Via

    17. This is what makeup dreams are made of.