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    20 Adorable Dogs Of The '20s

    Dogs in the '20s really took advantage of the cultural renaissance, hedonism, and fashion of the decade. In other words, they got dressed up a lot, and thank goodness for that.

    1. These dogs hoopin', 1926

    2. This man holding a very tiny puppy, 1929

    3. This dog riding a horse, 1920

    4. This fire truck dog, 1928

    5. Count Bozo, 1920

    6. Miss Brury And Her Dog, 1925

    7. This cutie, 1922

    8. This dog hanging out on the piano, 1920

    9. A little dog riding a much bigger dog, 1923

    10. This boxer wearing a hat, '20s

    11. Sgt. Jiggs, The Marine Corps mascot in Washington, D.C., 1925

    12. Atlantic City hugs from Phifi, 1926

    13. Metropolitan Opera soprano Claudia Muzio and her dog, 1922

    14. This dog wearing glasses and playing piano, 1925

    15. A dog and his mom riding in a wagon named Daisy, 1925

    16. Marie Smith with her fluffy puppy, 1920

    17. This dressed up terrier x 8, 1925

    18. Tiny adorable puppy on a giant adorable dog's head, 1925

    19. This girl whose name is Lieselotte (!) with dog (!!) and goat (!!!), 1922

    20. Smoking dog, 1923

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