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    This Brave Guy Is Going Viral After Taking A Selfie While His Wife Was Giving Birth

    He was just so excited!

    A brand-new dad has been blowing up the internet since he posted a hilarious selfie while his wife gave birth in the background.

    Gil Solano

    Gil Solano told BuzzFeed News that he snapped the picture while his wife, Sarah, was in labor on Monday with their daughter, Eva.

    Gil Solano

    The proud papa said he and his wife got married in May 2014 and had been living abroad in Spain when they found out Sarah was pregnant.

    Gil Solano

    In June, they moved back to Denver to be closer to their family in anticipation of Eva's arrival.

    Gil said that Eva was born just minutes after he took the picture.

    He said he decided to take the picture after Sarah's brothers asked him how the labor was progressing.

    Sarah told BuzzFeed News she didn't know the picture was being taken, but she was a good sport about it.

    "I had been pushing for a few hours and Gil showed it to me to help take my mind off of things and make me laugh," she said. "I thought it was hilarious and told him he should send it to some of our friends."

    The couple got such a positive response from friends that Gil said he decided to post it on Reddit. It has since been viewed more than 2 million times.

    Most of the commenters expressed concern about Gil's safety after he took the picture.

    But don't worry: Gil is totally safe.

    "My favorite response was Sarah's response to me reading her the comments of everyone saying, 'She's going to kill you,'" he said. "She thinks it's hilarious that people would expect her to respond like that when she thinks the picture itself is so funny."

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