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    The Winners And Losers Of A Celeb-Packed Summer

    As another summer draws to a close, we look back at all the major hits and misses of pop culture.

    1. The Starlets

    Winner: Emma Stone starred in the surprisingly good reboot of Spider-man and continued her whirlwind romance with co-star Andrew Garfield.

    Loser: Amanda Bynes sunk even further with several hit-and-run incidents.

    2. The Hemsworths

    Winner: Chris' turn as Thor helped The Avengers break box office records.

    Loser: Liam limped through the summer following Hunger Games, oh, and pulled a Miley.

    3. The Queen and Her Maiden

    Winner: It turns out the real star of Snow White was Charlize Theron who also killed as an icy corporate executive in Prometheus.

    Loser: Kristen Stewart was out-shined by her more experienced co-stars and got caught cheating with her director.

    4. The Leading Men

    Winner: Matthew McConaughey stole every scene from his younger, buff co-stars in Magic Mike.

    Loser: Taylor Kitsch struggled to impress at the box office.

    5. Batman and Bane

    Winner: Christian Bale proved to be a hero on and off the screen.

    Loser: Bane was the biggest let down of The Dark Knight Rises and Tom Hardy's beard was beyond offensive.

    6. TomKat

    Winner: The female half of TomKat surprised everyone with her swift divorce, wise media plays and suddenly became the face of a very hot fashion line.

    Loser: Tom Cruise just looked confused and dumbfounded.

    7. Lindsay Lohan

    Winner: Lindsay managed to complete two movies proving she is ready to work again.

    Loser: But then she had to go get in a car accident, cause a minor and become the suspect of another jewelry heist.

    8. The Passing Of The Torch

    Winner: Three words - Call, Me, Maybe.

    Loser: Madonna had a rough summer. Her tour? Unnecessarily controversial. Sir Elton threw all the shade. And her nipples returned to the spotlight. Ugh.

    9. The Judges

    Winner: Britney returned to the spotlight as the newest judge for X-Factor. Welcome back!

    Loser: Mariah Carey hit the snooze button on her comeback with a less than 'Triumphant' new song and an tepid response as a new judge on American Idol. Go home.

    10. The Pop Stars

    Winner: Congrats Taylor, not only did you live out a Nicholas Sparks romance with Conor Kennedy, you also scored a number one single that seems to be breaking all the records.

    Loser: Lana Del Rey became the bored face of H&M, also Jaguar(?) and explored exhausted territory when she released a JFK-inspired music video.

    11. Kimye

    Winner: Congrats Kim, you climbed your way to the top!

    Loser: Seriously, Kanye? See above.

    12. The Newsers

    Winner: Anderson Cooper finally came out - and it may have been his best career move yet.

    Loser: Ann Curry got thrown under the bus this summer. It was a huge .

    13. The Right And Wrong Way To Do Things

    Winner: Frank Ocean surprised everyone with his thoughtful coming out letter and followed it up with a critically-received album.

    Loser: Chris Brown fought his was through the summer after his album got some negative attention.

    14. Summer Love

    Winner: Jason Segel and Michelle Williams reminded us that true romance does exist.

    Loser: Katy Perry and John Mayer's summer fling felt as icky as Mayer's mop top.

    15. Ryan Lochte

    Winner: Ryan won all the medals and everyone's admiration...

    Loser: That is until he spoke.

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