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    28 Gadgets Under ₹2000 To Make Healthy Cooking Easier

    Chop it like it's hot 🔥

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This spiralizer to make healthy zucchini or carrot noodles or pasta - ₹225

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    2. The IKEA STABIL Steamer Insert - ₹515, a stainless steel in-pot steamer that comes with a detachable handle, which makes it easier to lift the pot as the handle doesn't get hot. It collapses to a smaller size when not in use.

    It measures approximately 9x2 inches when opened and can be used with most 2-5 quart pots and saucepans without non-stick coating on the interior.

    Price: ₹515

    3. This Pigeon chopper with 33,000+ reviews that drastically cuts down cooking time, while cutting your veggies super fine with 3 blades - ₹287

    Get it here.

    4. The IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner for when you want to get in some delicious greens - ₹498

    This salad spinner can be used to wash and remove excess water from salad greens. It also helps salad dressing to stick to the leaves without dilution. The bowl can be used for serving too. Its made of polypropylene and a synthetic rubber material and measures 6x9 inches.

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    5. This egg boiler that will let you boil multiple eggs at once in 3 easy-to-use modes— hard, medium or soft - ₹1,049

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    6. This handy, plastic Amazon Brand - Solimo Fruit Juicer - ₹239 which comes with a masher to push the fruits from the top and a glass to collect the juice.

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    7. Meal prep just got easier with IKEA PRUTA Food Containers (Set of 17) - ₹692, a set of 17 basic food containers to store meal prep and leftovers, and reheat later, preventing food waste. Being transparent makes it easy to find what you're looking for, and they can be stacked to save space in the fridge and freezer.

    Includes: 4 containers (9x9x4cm, 150ml), 3 containers (12x8x4cm, 150ml), 2 containers (12x12x4cm, 300ml), 2 containers (12x12x14cm, 1l), 2 containers (14x14x6cm, 600ml), 2 containers (14x14x16cm, 1,6l) and 2 containers (23x16x8cm, 1,8l). Not spill-proof and may leak if you try to travel with liquid contents.

    Price: ₹692

    8. This milk frother that will give your humble, home-made beverages a cafe-approved texture - ₹248

    Handheld and battery-powered. Can also be used to beat other items like eggs, smoothies, and more. (Batteries not included.)

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    9. The Tupperware Microwave Breakfast Maker - ₹378 lets you effortlessly whip up simple dishes in minutes.

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    10. This versatile, multipurpose Prestige electric cooker - ₹1,788 can help make rice, daal, vegetables, stew, soup, idlis, and more at the click of a button!

    Just pop the ingredients in and go shower, watch Netflix, etc. and your food will be ready without you having to monitor it like a hawk!

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    11. This fruit carver and melon baller so your fruits look the best ever - ₹209

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    12. This cookie cutter set - ₹219 with 12 cutters, if you're baking a lot and want to style your cookies and cakes in cute shapes.

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    13. Extend the life of juice by turning it into ice lollies with the IKEA CHOSIGT Ice Lolly Maker - ₹299

    Fill these moulds with your favourite fruit juice, squash, or smoothie, and freeze to make ice lollies or ice-cream. Contains 6 moulds. 4 inches each. BPA free. To loosen mould, rinse with lukewarm water

    Price: ₹299

    14. This avocado peeler for when you want to make guac or avo toast for the most millennial brunch ever - ₹499

    Get it here.

    15. This cast iron dosa tawa to make the crispiest and best breakfast - ₹945

    12 inches.

    Get it here.

    16. This IKEA SLÄT Egg Slicer to make the fanciest, most perfectly sliced boiled eggs ever - ₹639

    This handy egg slicer is dishwasher safe and easy to clean too, as the steel frame is removable.

    Get it here.

    17. A brew-tiful kettle like this one from Morphy Richards to make tea, coffee and hot chocolate with ease - ₹1,990

    1.8L capacity.

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    18. This idli maker with 6 plates, 24 idli slots, and 1000+ reviews - ₹1,069

    Get it here.

    19. Or how about this appam maker for a delicious snack you can make at home - ₹268

    Brand: BMS Lifestyle.

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    20. This Kent Pizza and Omelette Maker - ₹1,935 fries, roasts, grills as well as bakes food with less oil.

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    21. The IKEA IDEALISK Potato Press - ₹1,159 to mash and mince potatoes.

    This stainless steel potato press has a 4-inch height and 3.25-inch diameter and is dishwasher safe.

    Price: ₹1,159

    22. This easy 2-slice pop-up toaster that's cool to the touch and has has a removable tray to get rid of crumbs - ₹1,285

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    23. This IKEA KONCIS Garlic Press - ₹417 that lets you easily mince peeled or unpeeled garlic cloves.

    This stainless steel garlic press comes with an insert that can be removed for easier cleaning.

    Price: ₹417

    24. The IKEA Microwave Splatter Cover - ₹298 to place over food while warming it. It comes with several small holes to release steam, while also preventing food from splattering while microwaving.

    It fits most microwave ovens, including smaller models. It has a 10-inch diameter and a 4-inch height.

    Price: ₹298

    25. If you keep opening snack packets like chips, saving some for later, and then wasting them because they've lost crispiness or gone stale, get the IKEA BEVARA Sealing Clip (Pack of 30) - ₹248

    These plastic-sealing clips are freezer safe and dishwasher safe and will keep your food fresh.

    Price: ₹248 for a pack of 30.

    26. Make your own flavoured water with the IKEA UPPLADDA Infuser Bottle - ₹679. It's a great home for your stray grapes, berries, that abandoned half-lemon or cucumber, or a sprig of mint leaves.

    This portable infuser bottle includes a straw and a dry compartment for protein powder, vitamins, extra fruits.

    Price: ₹679

    27. This minimalistic, Instagrammable IKEA 365 Glass Carafe with Cork Stopper - ₹729

    This carafe is made of a heat-resistant glass pitcher with a functional cork stopper lid. It can be used for all types of beverages as well as for decanting and serving wine. The size fits neatly into the fridge door, while the mouth is large enough for ice cubes and sliced fruits. An elegant way to serve juice, ice tea, cold-brewed coffee, apple cider, water, and more!

    Get it here.

    28. Carbs are the best part of every meal, and this IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Potato Peeler will come in handy regardless of whether you like your potatoes mashed, baked or fried - ₹429

    This sturdy peeling knife has a stainless steel blade and can be used for potatoes as well as other produce. The sharp edge can be used to remove blemishes/potato eyes.

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