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    9 Obnoxiously Cute Date Night Ideas For You And Bae From ₹0-₹600

    *Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight*

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    1. Make a sock monkey for each other with these colourful socks (₹199 for three).

    Sharanya Haridas/ BuzzFeed, Creature Socks Amazon / Via, CraftECorner / Via

    Sock monkeys are a popular and adorable keepsake around the world. Plus, they're surprisingly easy to make! I made one for my boyfriend back in college and all these years later, it still lives with us.

    You will need:

    1) Socks, ₹199 for a set of three

    2) A sewing kit with needle, thread, scissors

    3) Buttons for the eyes

    2. Do an at-home facial with sheet masks (₹425 for five). It's relaxing, fun and, dare we say, Instagrammable!

    The Face Shop / Via

    The Face Shop Unisex Real Nature Sheet Masks: ₹425 for a pack of five

    3. Plant some vegetables together with the lush Only For Organic 45 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds (₹349).

    Only For Organic / Via

    Like any good relationship, it needs some time to grow, and the results are totally worth it! Plus, it comes with an instruction manual.

    Only For Organic 45 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds: ₹349

    4. For the adventerous foodies who love to eat but can’t cook, have a Maggi-tasting date with different flavours of noodles from this Maggi Fusian Assortment Box (₹199).

    Maggi / Via

    You can also include other brands and flavours like:

    Sunfeast Yipee Magic Masala: ₹43

    Top Ramen Curry Veg: ₹70

    5. Indulge each other with an at-home pedicure.

    Vega / Via, VLCC / Via

    Vega 3-In-1 Pedicure Tool: ₹125

    VLCC Manicure and Pedicure Kit: ₹350

    6. Paint together! You can either paint something for each other, or create one painting as a team. You can use watercolors or acrylic colors.

    Bianyo / Via

    Note: You'll need watercolour paper for watercolour paintings, while acrylic paint pairs best with canvas.

    Camlin Kokuyo Student Water Color Cakes- 24 shades (₹70). Includes a brush.

    Camel Student Water Color Tubes-18 shades (₹160)

    Brustro Artists Watercolour Paper (₹360)

    Bianyo Watercolour Paper Pad (₹ 299)

    Bianyo Acrylic Color Tubes Paint Set (₹394: Includes 12 shades in 12ml tubes).

    Camlin Kokuyo Canvas Board (₹85)

    Faber-Castell brush sets starting at ₹39. Depending on your concept, in lieu of brushes, you can also use sponges, makeup blenders, butter knives, and other household items.

    7. For nerdy and competitive baes, invest in some board games you both enjoy like cards, Uno or Monopoly. If you're a literary couple, play Scrabble. If you love numbers, try Sudoku. It may soon become a shared hobby.

    Gurinder / Via, Mattel / Via

    Playing Cards: ₹399 for 1 deck.

    Uno: ₹129

    Monopoly: ₹506

    Scrabble: ₹575

    Sudoku: ₹333

    8. For the selfie-obsessed boos, what better homage to your relationship than a beautiful photo wall with fairy lights!

    Party Propz / Via

    Party Propz LED Photo Clip Fairy String Lights (₹299)

    You can print out existing photos or spend a some fun hours doing a photoshoot with your iPhone. To create a vintage effect, use filters on your phone.

    9. Construct this DIY Deer head decor (₹499) together with your deer-est.

    Brownfolds / Via

    Brownfolds DIY Deer Decor (₹499)

    And for date ideas that are infinitely fun and totally free:

    Go for a long walk or a run together.

    Pack your usual meal and eat it outdoors as a picnic.

    Cook together at home (and lay the table in style with candles and fresh flowers plucked together.)

    Go to the beach.

    Go to the park.

    Browse a bookstore together.

    Visit a local library.

    Visit a free museum in your city.

    Visit a free tourist attraction in your city.

    Check out a free concert, play or art show.

    Go for a free yoga class.

    Make a relationship soundtrack with songs that are meaningful to both of you.

    Make playlists of your favourite songs from different times in your life.

    Make a relationship time capsule.

    Explore geocaching.

    Take a free class together.

    Declutter your space, Marie Kondo style!

    Go through old photos together.

    Refashion old items of clothing, like turning jeans into shorts, etc.

    Rearrange a room.

    Play a sport you both enjoy.

    Test drive your favorite cars.

    Tour homes like the one you dream of buying together someday.

    Make a bucket list of all the fun things you want to experience together.