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This "Guilty Or Innocent" Quiz Will Determine How Terrible A Sister You Are

"I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!"

For the following 20 questions, answer if you are GUILTY or INNOCENT. Ready? Let's go!

  1. Have you ever borrowed your sibling's clothes without asking?

  2. Have you ever listened in on your sibling's phone calls?

  3. Have you ever bossed them around after your parents put you in charge?

  4. Have you ever read their diary?

  5. Have you ever saved embarrassing photos of them to use for blackmail?

  6. Have you ever exposed them for telling a lie or exaggerating something online?

  7. Have you ever awkwardly hung around them and their friends, waiting to be invited?

  8. Have you ever acted smug when your parents took your side?

  9. Have you ever scratched them and left a fingernail scratch?

  10. Have you ever used their expensive beauty, hair, or skincare products without asking?

  11. Have you ever pulled their hair?

  12. Have you ever pretended to cry to make them feel bad for doing something?

  13. Have you ever sneaked into their room to steal a hair elastic?

  14. Have you ever secretly recorded them doing something embarrassing on your phone?

  15. Have you ever rubbed it in their face when you were allowed to do something they weren't?

  16. Have you ever intentionally left hair on the shower wall just to annoy them?

  17. Have you ever fought over the TV remote?

  18. Have you ever fought over the passenger seat?

  19. Have you ever fought over a mutual friend?

  20. Have you ever spied on them when they invited a romantic interest over?

  21. Have you ever hacked their social media?

  22. Have you ever repeated everything they said just to piss them off?

  23. Have you ever left their bedroom door open on purpose, even when they asked you to close it?

  24. Have you ever told them they were an "accident"?

  25. And finally, have you ever secretly idolized them but never let them know it?

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