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This "Yes Or No" Quiz Will Determine If You're A Lazy Girl Or Not

Be honest: How many glasses do you have in your bedroom right now?

  1. Have you ever showered and then sat on your bed wearing a towel for like an hour?

  2. Have you ever "cleaned" your room by piling all your clothes on THAT chair?

  3. Have you ever kicked off your shoes instead of untying them?

  4. Have you ever watched Netflix or YouTube by balancing your laptop on your boobs?

  5. Have you ever needed to pee for a solid 30 minutes before finally getting out of bed?

  6. Have you ever unbuttoned the fewest buttons possible to squeeze your head through a shirt?

  7. Have you ever filled in your chipped nail polish using a marker?

  8. Have you ever waited until the last second to put on a bra before heading out the door?

  9. Have you ever felt a real sense of accomplishment for wearing matching socks or matching bra and underwear?

  10. Have you ever worn the same outfit two days in a row because no one "important" saw you on the first day?

  11. Have you ever taken your bra off without taking off your shirt first?

  12. Have you ever destroyed a pillowcase by sleeping in your makeup?

  13. Have you ever picked up something off the ground using only your feet or toes?

  14. Have you ever attempted to turn off a light switch by throwing a pillow or another object at it?

  15. Have you ever used cramps, greasy hair, or having no clean clothes as an excuse to cancel plans?

  16. Have you ever hauled way too much stuff up the stairs because you refuse to make two trips?

  17. Have you ever had three or more glasses or mugs in your bedroom at one time?

  18. Have you ever kept underwear that had holes in it because it was just too comfy to throw away?

  19. Have you ever kicked off your underwear and caught it with your hand?

  20. And finally, have you ever told yourself that you’re not lazy, you’re efficient?

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