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    21 Products That Will Seriously Deep Clean Your Entire Home

    No elbow grease necessary!

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer balls that will dissolve and wash away all of those unpleasant odors.

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    The balls are biodegradable and are orange, lemon, and lime-scented.

    Price: $10.63 for a pack of 20.

    2. A super-long cleaning brush that will will give your neglected dryer and refrigerator coils a must-needed clean.

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    You're supposed to clean refrigerator coils about once a year. It can also clean out your dryer's lint catcher, depending on the type of dryer you have. BTW, some newer fridges don't need their coils cleaned at all — check your user manual to be sure!

    Price: $15.77.

    3. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets to disband any limescale or mineral buildup — you deserve a dishwasher that *actually* gets your dishes clean.

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    Price: $8.99 for a pack of three tablets.

    4. A fume-free oven cleaner because sometimes you need a little chemistry (thanks, Science!) to undo years of baked-on grime.

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    Price: $4.27.

    5. A stainless steel cleaner that will eliminate fingerprints, smudges, residue, and grease from your appliances.

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    Price: $5.49.

    6. A set of brushes to attach to your drill and go to town on essentially any grimy surface, from cooked-on grease on a stovetop to built-up dirt in a bathtub to the accumulated years of grime on tile.

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    Just make sure to use them only on surfaces you're pretty sure they won't scratch! You can alway test in a discreet area first to be sure. Drill not included!

    Price: $10.95 for a pack of three brushes.

    7. A glass cooktop cleaning kit that comes complete with a heavy-duty scrubber, a razor blade, and a bottle of powerful cleaner — basically everything you need to conquer even the messiest of burners so it shines like new.

    Amazon / Via

    Price: $21.70.

    8. A pack of washing-machine tablets to dissolve and wash away any odor-causing residue in your front-loader so you clothes stop coming out smelling less than clean.

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    Although if you struggle with lots of mold in your machine, you may want to start pulling out any parts that stay wet for too long (like the detergent tray) when you're done with all laundry from the day, so they can actually dry.

    Price: $8.99 for a pack of three tablets. Also available in a larger value pack.

    9. A daily granite cleaner to keep your stone in tip-top-shape, and counter any accidental stains or spills.

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    The spray is free from phosphates, bleach, and harsh fumes.

    Price: $5.99.

    10. A bottle of mold and mildew cleaner made with a no-odor gel, which makes it stick to your tile grout and caulking so it can actually do its work. Gross mildew, begone!

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    Price: $30.

    11. An extendable tub and tile scrubber so you don't have to bend over to clean the tub or somehow figure out how to safely fit a stepstool or ladder in your tiny bathroom (or your huge walk-in shower).

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    Price: $28.95.

    12. A stockpile of daily cleaner to spray on that clean glass at the end of each shower — it will actually *prevent* hard water build up, so you don't have to haul out the heavy duty products so often.

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    It's the middle product pictured above — you just spray it on after your shower, no rinsing required!

    Price: $31.92 for a pack of eight.

    13. A jetted bathtub cleaner because if you've never done a deep cleanse on your jacuzzi tub, you're basically bathing naked with years of built-up body oils, dead skin cells, and other dirt and grime.

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    Price: $39.99.

    14. A wood polish and conditioner that practically erases damage as if it was never there, like your antique side tables that have had one too many water glasses sweat on them overnight.

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    Price: $19.40.

    15. A drain millipede that reaches deep into your sink and shower drains to extract the slime-and-hair monster that's been lurking for weeks, making your drains extra slow.

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    Price: $9.99.

    16. A rubber broom, because even the heavy-duty pet vacuums don't get every last piece of embedded pet hair — but this can.

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    Price: $36.19.

    17. A pair of scrub brushes that have your back no matter how stuck-on or deeply-embedded the grime at hand happens to be.

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    The large brush is designed for grout, shower-door tracks, stove tops, and the small brush is for fixtures and tight hard-to-clean spaces.

    Price: $9.99. Also available in blue.

    18. A carpet stain remover to work its magic on any lingering dirt, rust, or grease stains that you haven't been able to extract with literally anything else.

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    Price: $21.99.

    19. A pumice stone — it beats back even the worst hard water buildup on toilets and tubs, so you can enjoy having a bathroom that actually looks clean again.

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    Price: $10.

    20. A bottle of Goo Gone — it makes removing everything from tape residue to mysterious sticky substances to old bumper stickers quick and painless.

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    Price: $13.47.

    21. An all-in-one window cleaning kit with a washing sponge on one side and a squeegee on the other so it's easy to get sparkling clean windows inside *and* outside.

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    You simply make your window cleaning solution, dip the washer in it, scrub away, then flip it over to squeegee! (Some reviewers have trouble washing windows on the inside because they say it drips on their floors — you'd just have to be careful to squeeze out any excess water to make that work.)

    Price: $13.47.

    Here's to a house cleaned so easily it seems like a wizard did the work!