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    All Single People Should Use LinkedIn To Stalk Lovers

    When you're deciding whether to date someone, always look at their resume!

    Let's say you meet someone who you really hit it off with, but you only catch their name and maybe their job.


    How are you going to find out more about the person? What if they are your one true love ... or a serial killer?


    Facebook's new privacy settings allow anyone to hide their private details, embarrassing status updates, and "likes."


    Instagram has the same annoying problem.


    And not everyone is on Twitter, and even the ones who are actively tweeting may be protected.


    So that leaves one remaining social media platform for creepers - and it's also the most fun.


    First, everyone is on LinkedIn. Everyone.


    And someone's profile almost always shows up on a Google search.


    Free users can't creep anonymously on LinkedIn, so use the Advanced Search for a basic fact check.


    That way you can confirm a person is not a complete liar about where they live and where they work.


    But for a small fee (or a free trial period), you can creep in secret and no one will know that you saw their profile.


    You can see a larger version of someone's professional photo.


    You can see how they describe themselves to potential employers (and whether they think Vanilla Sky is worth mentioning)


    You can a see full list of their jobs, so as to gauge whether they are capable of committing to a career.


    You can see their "Skills," and who's endorsed those important skills.


    And most importantly, you can see who's seen your profile, in case you have anyone creeping on you!


    So pour yourself a drink.

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    Be prepared for anything.

    And remember, it's not stalking - it's research.

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