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    19 Photos Of Dads Cutting Their Sons' Hair That Will Make You Wanna Call Your Pops ASAP

    Haircuts grow out, but memories are forever.

    Mega movie star Will Smith recently chopped off his son Jaden Smith's signature locs for an upcoming film.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: 92304305160

    Then he took a super goofy photo to commemorate the special moment. And then he posted it to Facebook, because dads will be dads.

    This Smith family news should come as no surprise, tho. Celebrities are just like us, TBH.

    @tate28 / Via

    Famous or not, dads have been trimming...

    @bazinga616 / Via


    @thecrosscountrybarbers / Via

    ...and shaping their sons' hair since forever.

    @deardavis / Via

    This little guy's dad is actually a pro barber.

    @caliliving_1989 / Via

    Same goes for this lil' dude, who'd probably rather be doing ANYTHING else other than sitting still.

    @4given813 / Via

    Gotta respect the dads who go DIY, too, tho. / Via

    And DIY def has its perks. No shirt??? No problem!!!

    @drew_escs / Via

    But let's talk about how a dad’s tonsorial skills basically had the power to make or break your street cred on the playground.

    @ladyschram / Via

    Maybe you learned how to hold your breath for that super straight hairline, like this kid who TOTALLY nailed it.

    @satisfaction716 / Via

    And if your don't-move-don't-even-breathe skills weren't as sharp, your dad would call for backup.

    @jamari3222 / Via

    There were plenty of LOLs to be had, too.

    @krizcaballes / Via

    Because you were having a blast just kicking it with pops.

    @nenos_closet / Via

    Sometimes treats were even brought into the mix.

    @nattakandotcom / Via

    And you were treated like a king on his throne.

    @imsommie / Via

    Whether professional or self-taught, your dad was creating more than haircuts in those precious moments.

    @mommybear_love / Via

    And you definitely appreciated the special attention if you grew up with siblings. Right, little man?

    @mommyjharris / Via

    Here's to the #DaddyBarber! Because haircuts grow out, but memories are forever.

    @goldenkhild05 / Via