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    19 Stunning Hair Transformations That'll Make You Run To The Salon For Bangs

    A small cut can make a huge difference.

    1. Bored with your hair? Bangs just might be the solution!

    @risky_rae / Via

    2. They work on every hair texture.

    @barbylocs / Via

    3. Every curl pattern.

    @snookiesangel / Via

    4. Every color.

    @mondinosaur / Via

    5. And every length.

    @iamjaelroumain / Via

    6. Fringes just have this incredible way of framing the face.

    @jayne_edosalon / Via

    7. Especially when said face is serving.

    @rafaelbertolucci1 / Via Instagram: @rafaelbertolucci1

    8. Let's also take a moment for the curly bangs, which honestly don't get the praise they truly deserve TBH.

    @curlpop_n_hair / Via

    9. I a more iconic duo.

    @jayne_edosalon / Via

    10. ~Bows head in humble submission and respect~

    @curlpop_n_hair / Via

    11. But, let's not forget about the very retro and very glamorous baby bang.

    @vintagevandal / Via

    12. Or the dreamy-wispy bang.

    13. Or the cool-girl parted bangs.

    @jayne_edosalon / Via

    14. There's really no age limit to who can rock a bang.

    @bleachedandblown / Via

    15. And there's definitely no limit to how you can rock a bang.

    @bleachedandblown / Via

    16. Whether it's a fun two-toned hue...

    @bleachedandblown / Via

    17. elegant updo...

    @farikaroyalty / Via

    18. ...or a freaking adorable bob cut.

    @jayne_edosalon / Via

    19. The moral of the story: There's a beautiful bang out there for everybody :)

    @hif3licia / Via
    1. Do you see bangs in your near future?

      Do you see bangs in your near future?

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    Do you see bangs in your near future?
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