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    15 People Who Prove That All It Takes Is One Cat To Transform You Into A Cat Person

    You don't choose the cat life, it chooses you.

    1. This person who couldn't resist all this cuteness:

    Kitten puts their paws over their eyes while laying in the palm of their owner's hand
    u/yocomaj / Via

    2. This girlfriend who knew that the only logical thing to do with a cat was to show them some love:

    3. This boyfriend who had a rational response:

    i actually cannot breathe. my boyfriend, who did not like cats when we met, just pulled out some lunchmeat and my cat got all excited and big-eyed and he looked so cute that my boyfriend??? started??? tearing up???????

    4. This husband who was caught red-handed:

    @wordmixrr My husband wasn't a cat person, either. Now my traitor cat, whom I recused and loved for 8 years before meeting my husband sleeps on him every night.

    5. This person who gave their cat the life they deserved:

    Cat lays on new owner's couch after formerly living in Puerto Rico, being rescued from the hurricane, and placed into a shelter
    u/existentialsunbeams / Via

    6. This girlfriend who didn't seem to mind being used as a kitty pillow:

    Cat falls asleep on woman's chest as she checks her phone
    u/TheLovelyOne21 / Via

    7. This husband who was at least putting the effort in:

    Man crouches down on the floor and attempts to reach his cat from a distance
    u/chocoflavor / Via

    8. This person who eventually had to say yes:

    A small white and gray cat that was adopted after their owner initially said, "No," three times
    u/Joakur / Via

    9. This boyfriend who became a cat therapist overnight:

    @wordmixrr My bf was not a cat person. Today Raven was ‘depressed’ so he gave her a full on counselling session

    11. This person who now understands the kind of unexplainable love a cat can give:

    To be honest, I’m not a cat person til I met him. I feel loved. 😭

    12. This person who couldn't imagine a life without their cat bud:

    Man lovingly looks down to the adorable cat he adopted just one month prior
    u/Zouka / Via

    13. This boyfriend who may have replaced his girlfriend with his cat:

    @wordmixrr My boyfriend also wasn’t a “cat person”. Now I’m pretty sure he prefers the cats over me 😂

    14. This person who came a long way in just seven short years:

    Me age 20: I’m not a cat person Me age 27:

    15. And finally, this dad who seems to be slowly accepting his new life as a cat whisperer:

    Cat lays her head on a man's shoulder, which she does every night, while he looks surprised
    u/thegreatstorybin / Via

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