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    17 Lazy-Parent Hairstyle Ideas Kids Will Love

    Pretty, practical, and perfectly 'do-able, too.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Try this simple lace braid for starters.

    It's an upgrade from you standard braid, but with minimal effort. Get the tutorial at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

    2. Or these adorable (but not too elaborate) afro puffs.

    Two flat twists in the back make it extra pretty. Learn the steps from Yolanda Renee.

    3. Learn this classically fashionable fishtail.

    Once you know how fishtails work, remembering is like riding a bike. Learn the steps at Small Fry.

    4. Or fake fishtails with this very twisty tutorial.

    Even better than an actual fishtail if you're pressed for time! Learn how to do it at A Girl and a Glue Gun.

    5. These brilliant bantu knots are worth a shot.

    Aside from being cute, they'll keep her detangled for longer. Find out how to make them from ThisIsGugu.

    6. And this heart-shaped 'do is so easy to love.

    If you can do pigtails, you can do this. Get the steps at Design Wash Rinse Repeat.

    7. A sock bun is always sweet and chic.

    It's ideal for kids with a lot of hair. Find out how to do it at Passion for Savings.

    8. And a bun plus braids might be even better.

    Twist and tuck for the perfect look. Find out how to do it from NaturallyNat90.

    9. This low-down 'do is easy as pie.

    Who knew messy could look so good? Get the tutorial at Today.

    10. Or if you'd rather keep it neat, this bow's the way to go.

    You won't believe how simple it is. Get the steps at Lily Shop.

    11. A half cornrowed/half twist-out style offers the best of both worlds.

    Because allover braids are for patient people. Learn how to do it at Beads, Braids & Beyond.

    12. (Alternatively, try this excellent updo.)

    A style that lasts all week? Yes, please! Get the details from IAMBSoUnique1.

    13. Give basic braids an upgrade with this five-minute school day style.

    Milkmaid, made easy. The steps are at Fynes Designs.

    14. And these piggyback braids are too much fun.

    If you've got the right moisturizer, you're already halfway there. Get the steps at Sekora and Sefari.

    15. Get a little Game of Thrones with this knotted half-up.

    It's totally knot difficult. Learn the steps at Babes in Hairland.

    16. Or give this crazy cute bun-hawk a go.

    Twist the night before, and you'll have perfect puffs in the morning. Get the tutorial from IAMAWOG.

    17. And finally, make her princess for a day with this Jasmine-inspired look.

    Hint: It's like a French braid, only way easier. Learn how to do it at Ravings by Rae.

    Hair doesn't have to be so hard.


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