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What's The Best Product Or Trick For Big Hair?

Because we all know your majestic mane is full of ~secrets~.

Whether big hair comes naturally to you or it's a labor of love, there's no denying that shit is FAB 👏 U 👏 LOUS 👏.


And you've most likely gained some big hair secrets over time.

Paramount Pictures

Maybe you know a lazy way to dry it all without waiting hours...

... or a trick to get your bouffant just right.

@mollie_lizabeth / Via

Or a cute updo you know will make your mane look good when you take it down again...

... or the perfect ponytail holders to handle your strands.

What product or hack has made your hair bigger and better? Whether you're naturally blessed with a major mane that takes managing or you're putting in work to pump up the volume, tell us your big hair secrets in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.

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