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    17 Disney Accessories You'll Want Immediately

    P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

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    1. Carry this tote on your long journeys.

    It's $15, here.

    2. Wear your favorite song lyric on your wrist.

    Tale as old as as old as rhyme...

    Starting at $13.15, here.

    3. Remind everyone that all it takes is a little magic from your fairy godmother.

    Put 'em together and what have you got?

    This shirt is $16.94, here.

    4. Flaunt your inner Cruella de Vil wherever you go with this scarf.

    It's $165, here.

    5. Keep this reminder that you should be free to make your own choices close to your heart.

    You ain't never had a friend like me.

    It's $46.92, here.

    6. Remember your favorite toys wherever you go.

    You're my favorite deputy! $26, here.

    7. It's not much of a bow, but you'll be attached to it.

    (Actually, it's a pretty darn cute bow).

    It's $7.50, here.

    8. Clip on these earrings that look exactly like Princess Jasmine's.

    I can show you the wooooooooorld!!! Wear them with a teal blue outfit, and no one will know you're secretly cosplaying.

    $27, here.

    9. Keep this glittery reminder to never put your dreams on a shelf.

    $28, here.

    10. Decorate your nails with mermaid scales.

    Bonus points for a red accent nail.

    $4 for a sheet of 33 stickers, here.

    11. Keep your keys together with these flight instructions.

    When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start!

    $18, here.

    12. Embrace your inner Evil Queen with this matching jewelry set.

    No ordinary apples.

    $21 for the set, or $10 for the earrings and $13.50 for necklace, here.

    13. Let this reminder of the best tea party ever keep you warm.

    14. Keep this reminder that every mile will be worth your while on your wrist.

    And a thousand years would be worth the wait!

    It's $16, here.

    15. Cuddle up under this blanket of ~true love~.

    Or wrap it around yourself and carry it around the house with you.

    $49, here.

    16. Wear something less subtle in a subtle place.

    These are $8 each, here and here.

    17. could just wear all of your feelings about Disney on your sleeve.

    Er, iPhone.

    This is $31.65, here.

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