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    19 Confused Kids Whose Misunderstandings Were 100% Cute And 100% Funny

    Parents to these kids: "What made you think that?!"

    Anyone who has kids knows they don’t quite understand how things work yet. (Like, at all.)

    And that’s OK! They haven’t been on Earth very long and are still figuring things out.

    But you know what? That doesn’t mean we can't laugh at the hilarious things they think/misunderstand. So enjoy these instant kid classics:


    I learned my son thinks it’s “bowl shit” not “bullshit”


    My daughter thinks the singular of “clothes” is “clo.” “I wearing a clo.”


    My son thinks that since he has 2 testicles, he can have 2 kids when he grows up. I'm not entirely sure my husband doesn't believe the same thing.


    Just learned that my daughter thinks those who came before us are our ansisters.


    I referred to a pigeon as a "big ass bird" and now my son thinks pigeons are called "ass birds"


    My daughter thinks it’s funny to say, “That’s a spicy meatball” every time she poops, and honestly? Same.


    My son thinks babies drink milk from mom’s butts. Not sure where I went wrong on this one, but I’m gonna continue to let him teach his friends this.


    my son thinks the number between fourteen and sixteen is fiveteen, and frankly he has a point


    My daughter thinks the past tense of dream is drum. I corrected her but I regret it.


    My son thinks putting vaseline on his lips = he can't speak for some time and has to sit while his lips dry out. Total #win. Going to stock up on vaseline now, in the summers.


    I just found out my daughter thinks it's "pull the wall over someone's eyes" and that's actually better, I might start saying that.


    My son thinks Amazon Prime and Optimus Prime are one and the same, and honestly how cute is that that we have a transformer who delivers us gifts every few days?


    My daughter thinks they are stone gummi bears. And I think this is wonderful.


    My daughter thinks the chorus of Eleanor Rigby goes: All the lovely people, Where do they all come from?


    My son thinks the wise men brought the baby Jesus gifts of "gold, insects and MORE" and honestly that sounds like a way more exciting story


    My daughter thinks that the spines on a porcupine are called “porks” and I’m never going to correct her. #medtwitterkids


    My son thinks Muppet Babies is called “The Big Babies” and he sings the theme song with those words and it never doesn’t crack me up


    my daughter thinks i am going to a science conferDance and who i am to correct this


    my kid thinks calling pop tarts “poop tarts” is shit your pants level comedy, and folks he’s right

    Ah, kids. Gotta love 'em!

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