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    21 Emojis Parents Should Start Using

    Because an emoji is worth a thousand words.

    1. When your toddler won't stop harassing the cat:

    What it means: "You're going to need to get the cat out from under the bed when you get home."

    2. When you finish doing your teenage boy's laundry:

    What it means: "I have seen things. Things I can't unsee."

    3. When you get a whiff of your baby's butt:

    What it means: "This one's your turn."

    4. When you have to break bad news:

    What it means: "Your daughter found the scissors."

    5. When you don't have it in you to cook:

    What it means: "Can you pick up takeout?"

    6. When you're taking some "me time":

    What it means: "Keep the kids out of my hair for ten minutes!"

    7. When your partner asks how your kid did at the dentist:

    What it means: "Braces."

    8. When you're at your kid's dance class:

    What it means: "Those creepy twins are here again."

    9. When you're running late:

    What it means: "The kid can't find her shoes."

    10. When your kid has really cheesed you off:

    What it means: "Do I have a story for you when you get home."

    11. When the baby is napping:

    What it means: "Don't wake the baby!"

    12. When your kid is acting like a little shit:

    What it means: "Tell him to shape up or Santa won't come this year."

    13. When your kids insist on watching Frozen for the thousandth time:

    What it means: "It's happening again."

    14. When the kids are finally asleep:

    What it means: "Mommy's off the clock."

    15. Also, when the kids are finally asleep:

    What it means: "What do you say we, you know."

    16. When one of your friends has a baby:

    What it means: "She's here!"

    17. When your partner texts to say they're getting a drink with friends five minutes before they're due home:

    What it means: "Enjoy that drink because it's your last."

    18. When your kid is doing something cute:

    What it means: "Quick! Get a video!"

    19. When there's a kid at the playground sneezing all over everything:

    What it means: "Bust out the hand sanitizer."

    20. When you need someone to watch the kids:

    What it means: "Is your mom available?"

    21. When you think about your family:

    What it means: "I love us."

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