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    20 Things You Need If You’re Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

    I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and everything on this list.

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    Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party can be a tad stressful, but we’ve got you covered. Even if you accidentally burn the main course, we’re sure these things will help you make this the best Thanksgiving ever!

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    1. A welcoming Thanksgiving door wreath will make your guests feel right at home before they even enter. Accented with artificial berries, maple leaves, and twigs, this gorgeous wreath may even attract some of your neighbours to the festivities.

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    It fits the average door size, meaning it can be used again and again. Plus, it's not exclusive to Thanksgiving, so you can keep it up till Halloween!

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $33.99.

    2. This shredder claw will make painful wrist fatigue from cutting foods a thing of the past. It works wonders on turkey, salad, pork, chicken, squash, and any really any tough foods.

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    Made from stainless steel, these claw shredders will last you a long time. It’s also an easy way to allow your not-so-good-at-cooking family members to help with dinner.

    Get a set of two from Amazon Canada for $29.97.

    3. This bestselling turkey frying pot is essential for any family who prefers a fried turkey over a roasted turkey. The 30-quart aluminum pot comes with a stainless-steel thermometer and a poultry rack with a grab hook. After just 45 minutes, this pot will have circulated oil evenly, producing a yummy turkey for your family to enjoy.

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $65.

    4. These pumpkin hot pot trivets are an adorable addition to your dinner table. They can hold all types of hot pots and pans, and it can also be the trivet that holds your pumpkin pie. You can’t get more festive than that!

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    They’re made from copper and are eight inches by seven-and-a-half inches.

    Get two from Amazon Canada for $33.99.

    5. Some Thanksgiving decor pillowcases show your guests that you’ve gone the extra mile to host this holiday dinner.

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    Get a set of four pillowcases from Amazon Canada for $11.95.

    6. A cooking thermometer will help make sure your turkey is cooked to perfection. With an LCD screen that displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, you’ll know within seconds whether your food is ready to eat.

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    It also comes with its own protective case.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.29.

    7. Beyond the actual turkey, you can also make a turkey-shaped cake with this 3D turkey cake pan. A great touch to any dinner, it’s also a good alternative for any vegetarians who don’t eat turkey.

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $32.94.

    8. Your family won't leaf you alone until you tell them where you bought this fall leave garland with lights. With over 40 yellow-orange leaves and 20 warm LED lights, this garland is an inexpensive way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving.

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    This garland is 8.2 feet long and is powered by AA batteries (batteries not included, but can be purchased here).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $18.99.

    9. This decorative tissue turkey makes for a great centerpiece while everyone is gobbling down dinner.

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $6.38+ (available in three sizes).

    10. Speaking of children, any parents with kids should take advantage of the holidays and dress them up in a turkey costume. This polyester outfit will give everyone a nice little chuckle around dinner time.

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.75+ (available in sizes M-XL).

    11. But don’t let your toddler dress up alone! This roasted turkey hat will make everyone thankful that you’re a comedian at heart.

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    Get a set of three from Amazon Canada for $17.25.

    12. Some artificial fall decor will give your home and dinner table all the autumn vibes. With 50 assorted mini pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, and acorns, you can’t go wrong.

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    Get 50 decor items from Amazon Canada for $11.99.

    13. These three-inch Thanksgiving cookie stampers will have your family begging you to bake some more. With a turkey, acorn, pumpkin, and oak leaf stamper, other desserts are sure to crumble in comparison to yours.

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    Get a pack of four stampers from Amazon Canada for $21.63.

    14. Set the table and set the mood with this harvest royalty tablecloth. Even your sassy Aunt Teresa will have to compliment it (and she’ll actually mean it, too)!

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    This table cloth is machine washable, making for an easy cleanup post-Thanksgiving dinner.

    Get it from Amazon Canada $22.36+ (available in seven sizes).

    15. These Thanksgiving holiday dishtowels are a subtle way to distract your guests from the mess made in the kitchen.

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    Get a set of three towels from Amazon Canada for $18.36+ (available in nine different packs).

    16. A atumnal cardigan poncho makes for an easy fall outfit — you could have just finished cleaning the house minutes before your guests arrive, and then toss it on! You’ll look like you’ve been ready for their arrival this whole time.

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    This poncho is one size fits all with a 60-inch length and a 52-inch width.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $26.99+ (available in 11 styles).

    17. This turkey baster with a cleaning brush will easily help keep your turkey nice and juicy. Nothing’s worse than a dry turkey!

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.59.

    18. With an autumn-themed maple leaf shower curtain you'll have your guests falling in love with your bathroom.

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    This shower curtain is 72x72 inches and comes with shower hooks.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $19.98.

    19. This fall aroma pack of candles will help disguise any unexpected cooking smells. Having one lit when your guests arrive will get them into the Thanksgiving spirit in no time!

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    Each set comes with apple cinnamon, two-in-one creamy custard with apple cinnamon, and pure vanilla joy candles.

    Get a set of three from Amazon Canada for $11.49+ (available in three packs).

    20. Last but not least, if you just can’t bear to face the pile of dishes after Thanksgiving dinner, you can’t go wrong with some fall-themed disposable dinnerware. This set serves up to 24 people and includes knives, forks, spoons, paper plates, napkins, and cups. Plus, it’s made from 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable paper.

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    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.99.

    How you're gonna feel when your Thanksgiving dinner party was a massive hit:

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