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    21 Situations That'll Push Any Bus Commuter Over The Edge

    Train > bus, always.

    1. When there's a shitload of traffic and no end in sight.

    Disney / Via

    2. When the bus is running late. Again.

    NBC / Via

    3. When someone decides that an enclosed bus is the perfect place to break out a bag of sour cream & onion chips.


    4. When, god forbid, you forget your headphones.

    NBC / Via

    5. When the person in front of you reclines their seat as far back as possible. / Via

    6. When someone is watching clips from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and laughing out loud before 9 a.m.


    7. When your phone dies, abandoning you when you need it most.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    8. When the person next to you is snoring like a dinosaur.

    Comedy Central / Via

    9. When you sprint to make the bus and still end up missing it.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    10. When only standing room remains.

    Touchstone / Via

    11. When a young child boards the bus and sits a bit too close.

    12. When the sleeping person next to you moves closer and closer into your personal space.


    13. When the bus is clearly going to be full and a person still puts all their shit on the seat next to them.


    14. When the air conditioning is broken in the heat of the summer.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    15. When you sit next to the one person that keeps the overhead light on to do their crossword.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    16. When someone accidentally presses the stop request button instead of the one for the light.

    Nippon Television / Via

    17. When you have an overwhelming sensation to pass gas.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    18. When the person next to you is hacking up a lung. / Via

    19. When someone's having a very important phone conversation about what's for dinner later.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    20. Really when anyone on the bus is talking in general.

    21. And worst of all, when you run into an old acquaintance, feel obligated to make small talk, and ultimately become the person talking that everyone hates.


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