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21 Amazing Gifts Anyone Who's Always Cold Would Love To Receive

Stop your timbers from shivering.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. A warming backrest pillow to use when you're reading (or watching Netflix) in bed.

This overachieving lounging device will also give you a massage, hold your cup, provide you with light to read by, and support your back.

Price: $129.99

2. A fleece-lined skirt that you can also use as a cape or a blanket.

Of course you'll need to put on *another* skirt if you want to turn it into a cape (unless you're down with frolicking around without pants).

Price: $19.90

3. A scarf with built-in pockets.

Sequins or unicorn: Take your pick.

Price: $88 or $24.99

4. A mat that will keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower.

Your toes will be so thankful they don't have to make contact with the tile (and you'll be wiping up the wet floor as you scoot around).

Price: $59

5. A heated toilet seat.


Price: $79.99

6. And a warming bin for your towels.

Suddenly your semi-dingy bathroom feels like a spa.

Price: $89.95

7. A wearable sleeping bag.

When you first start wearing it, your friends may laugh...but soon they'll be jealous of how toasty you are.

Price: $130

8. A snuggly faux-fur beanbag.

Sit down and wiggle around until you make a nice little nest for yourself.

Price: $120

9. Mittens covered with πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž.[]=attr%7Cstocking-stuffers&ref=browse&pos=22

Tighten up the toggles to keep all the heat down with your chilly fingers.

Price: $25

10. A warming heart pillow to hunker down with on a cold day.

Look at that little face! She's so happy to get rid of your goosebumps.

Price: $39.99

11. Heated insoles to slip into your shoes.

They're rechargeable and will last for around four winters.

Price: $79.99

12. And fleece socks to make rubber boots more cushy.

These are technically for Hunter boots, but they'll work in other brands as well.

Price: $36

13. A hand warmer that can recharge your phone.

It also works as a flashlight!

Price: $34.99

14. And yeti hand warmers to use while you're at work.

Plug them into a USB port on your computer to power them up.

Price: $24.99

15. The cutest bathrobe you've ever seen.

You'll look like a fluffy pink cloud. With ears.

Price: $51

16. A space heater that's only 7 inches tall.

Use it in your office, dorm room, or right beside your bed.

Price: $39.99

17. A wrap-around hot water bottle.

It'll stay warm for up to eight hours (that's longer than the first season of Master of None).

Price: $53.19

18. Slippers that will turn you into a robot.

They make noise when you walk!

(Don't worry β€” you can turn of the sound when you're feeling inconspicuous.)

Price: $29.99

19. A pouch to warm up your pajamas before you go to bed at night.

Leave 'em in there for 10 minutes and you'll be good to go.

Price: $39.95

20. A pair of headphones that will protect your ears from the cold.

Listen to The Beach Boys and pretend it's summer.

Price: $28

21. And a pair of mittens with a hidden flask.

If the actual mittens won't keep you warm, maybe some whiskey will.

Price: $19

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