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    41 Gifts That’ll Probably Make Everyone Say “Ooh” When They Get Unwrapped

    You're about to beat the best gift-givers you know.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. Drinking Like Ladies, a compilation of 75 cocktail recipes from today's leading women bartenders, for any feminist looking to get a little ~sloshed~.

    The cover: "75 modern cocktails from the world's leading femal bartender, includes toasts to extraordinary women in history"
    Quarry Books

    Each recipe is inspired by a badass woman of history — including several that are not well-known.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.39, Bookshop for $22.99 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

    2. A six-in-one rose gold curling iron with interchangeable barrels with interchangeable barrels to create tons and tons and tons of different curl patterns and hairstyles. They range from a tapered wand (.35-.7 inches) to a 1.25 inch clamped curling iron so they can customize their look!


    Get it from Amazon for $41.99 (also available in black).

    Promising review: "New favorite curling iron. I LOVE this curling iron! Such a great value for 6 different irons! So far I’ve used the two biggest barrels, and they work amazingly! My hair held the curls through wind, running, and even sleep! Shipped super fast! Highly recommend this seller, and this product!!!" —Amazon

    And if they already have curls or coils and are looking for a heat-free styler, check out these foam curling rods ($10.99 on Amazon) that reviewers with everything from 3A to 4C hair swear by.

    3. A macrame hanging shelf so they can display the plants they struggle to keep alive... or their fave tchotchkes... or their prettiest beauty products... in the most stylish way possible.

    The wooden shelf hanging from white macrame and a tassel underneath

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98.

    Promising review: "This looks as photographed and is exactly what I was looking for. I LOVE It! Sooo cool. Beats just a hanging plant. You can have a plant, stones, and a basket. It is like a cool floating shelf." —CD125

    4. Werewolf, a sneaky party game you need to order for your friend group ASAP — especially if you love the game Mafia. Everyone will get excited when this gets unwrapped, because now you have a sneaky + fun after-present activity!

    The card deck

    It works a little bit like mafia — you draw a card and play the role assigned to you (if you're a werewolf, you're trying to destroy the village; if you're a villager, you're trying to save it, etc.). You can play with up to *35* people, so it's great for even larger gatherings — though warning, your friendships will be tested.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    Promising review: "My group of friends love game night. We've tried all sorts of games, and when I brought this game out, everyone was skeptical. Now no one wants to play any other game but this one. Super fun! The fact that it comes in a simple deck of cards makes it so easy to carry around and bring to any party occasion just in case. With the different characters you can mix it up so no two games are ever the same. The witch character has truly tested some friendships already. The game also gives you extra cards for you to create your own characters with their own unique roles and powers. We are looking forward to creating some interesting new roles and throwing them in the mix. If you have a loud group of friends, this is the game for you!" —Amazon Customer

    5. A faux fur blanket with two sides — one fleece, one furry — so they can customize their heat level while cuddling. Whether you know someone who freezes in the office but still wants something chic, an interior design–aspiring college student needing to spruce up their dorm, or just the most stylish dog alive, this is a great blanket.

    A reviewer's dog under the blanket, showing both sides

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in five sizes and 12 colors)

    Promising review: "This is the softest blanket you'll ever feel. It keeps you warm and does not overheat. It the the best throw/ accent blanket we have ever had for our living room, including our electric blankets (which can get you too warm and are not as soft). Wish we would have gotten the twin size, since everyone in the house (including the cat) like to use it. We'll probably end up getting another one!" —Kristen Madrigal

    Check out all the deets and reviews from people who can't stop raving about this blanket in This Impossibly Cozy Blanket Is Everything You Need This Winter.

    6. A Facetory sheet mask subscription box for the gift of relaxation & a little me time *AND* wow-I-didn't-know-my-skin-could-feel-this-good hydration.

    The set of seven sheet masks

    Each kit comes with a detailed info card explaining the benefits of each mask too — so you know the what amazing things you're putting on your face.

    Get a curated box from Amazon. It's available in three levels: $8.90 (includes four entry-level masks), $19.90 (includes seven premium masks and a skin care item), or $34.95 ($23.77 for the first box; includes two-three full-sized skin care products and three-fore sheet masks) — all with free shipping.

    Promising review: "It's fun to try out new masks that a well-reviewed by experts (I'm definitely no expert), and I love the subscription model! This weekly face mask tradition has helped banish the Sunday scaries this fall/winter." —Emily Berglund

    7. Double-wall insulated rocks glasses that'll look amazing sitting out on the bar cart, keep their drink cooler (or warmer, if they use 'em for coffee) longer, and DON'T SWEAT!

    The two glasses

    That's right, no annoying condensation. They're made of sturdy borosilicate glass, so you can use them for hot or cold drinks, because any beverage deserves to look a little more beautiful. AND they're scratch-resistant and microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $18.99.

    Promising review: "These were much better than I could have imagined. They feel great in the hand and don't sweat. I use mine almost every day and they still look great after being put into the dishwasher. The size is perfect for old fashioneds as well as rum and Cokes or gin and tonics. They were shipped in a first-class box with plenty protection. These would make a great gift for connoisseur on your list." —riovalley

    8. A cozy pair of cable knit and faux fur-lined Bluetooth headphone earmuffs so you can jam out to your favorite songs while taking long winter strolls so you can feel like you're in the most dramatic part of a Hallmark holiday film masterpiece.

    A model in the read headphones with a knit exterior and fluffy interior


    These have controls built onto the headband and are wireless for convenience, and they fold up for compact storage in your pocket or bag.

    Get them from Amazon for $79.95 (available in five colors, plus two cat styles)

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a stylish earmuff headphone this past winter and stumbled upon Soundhuggle. I wanted a headphone that had great sound quality, served multiple purposes, and was easy to carry around, and these met the criteria I was looking for. I was thoroughly impressed by how clearly I can hear my music/podcast through the layer of fabric while also keep my ears snug (quality, check). This eliminated of my need to carry around a bulky beanie and a headphone, and the soundhuggle collapses to fit into my coat pocket (convenience, check). In addition to providing warmth, I can answer calls without rummaging through my stuff for my phone (multi-purpose, check). I'm so glad I found these headphones and look forward to using them again next winter!" —Christine Fan

    9. Literary Listography, a twist on a reading journal that'll encourage users to create lists to document their favorite books, characters they'd want to hang out with, their favorite book stores, books that made them cry, and so much more.

    The cover of the book
    Chronicle Books

    There are over 70 lists with different topics, plus illustrations that reviewers love.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95 or from Bookshop for $15.59.

    10. A nonstick Captain America waffle maker for extra super breakfasts — but don't worry, the golden brown results will be much easier (and more pleasant) to chew than a vibranium shield.


    And if Chris Evans wanted to come over and help 'em make some, that'd be ok too.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    Promising review: "We make a lot of waffles, so we were pleasantly surprised that this thing was not only cute, but actually works really well and maybe even better than our other waffle maker! There's no way this could get a bad review unless you just don't know how to cook or used a bad recipe. They turn out like a perfect shield just like the ones in the photos. If you know a captain America fan, buy this. Hubs got a real kick out of it." —Joshua

    11. A set of personalized coasters featuring your favorite person's favorite snapshots (or maybe the most embarrassing ones you can find...hehe).

    The coasters, which look like gold polaroids

    Just print your photos (sized at 3.3 x 3.3 inches/8.2 x 8.2 cm) and slide 'em in! You can even get photos printed right on Amazon!

    Get it from Amazon for $16.

    12. Or a customized travel photo book you can fill with images from your *last* trip together — then the two of you can flip through and reminisce while you start to think about your next one.

    Six example books
    Artifact Uprising

    You pick the size, cover color, number of pages and upload your photos right on the Artifact Uprising website.

    Get it from Artifact Uprising for $69+ (available in six sizes and 11 colors).

    Promising review: "Blown away! We had so many choices of which company to entrust the photos from our amazing Mediterranean vacation. Saw the ad on Instagram for Artifact Uprising and I’m so glad I spent the money. It was a little more expensive than others and SO worth it. We can’t stop looking at the book. I’ve been a professional graphic designer for 17 years and have handled many printing projects and I was just floored by the quality of the product. Thank you!" —David T.

    13. A Nutribullet with a full-size blender and two to-go blender cups for anyone who loves smoothies, hummus, soup, and other blended delicacies you don't need to make A TON of at a time — but hates using extra dishes. AKA every single person. Their old blender wishes it could.

    The blender set whipping up a smoothie

    It has both a regular large blender container, plus two travel cups for one less thing to clean.

    Get it from Amazon for $139.99.

    Promising review: "I’ve been using my NutriBullet every day, usually multiple times a day, to make smoothies using frozen fruit, frozen veggies, fresh veggies, and other ingredients. By using frozen ingredients I don't need ice, just cold water. This thing works great. I had an older model for years. It still worked. But I wanted one with a faster motor. Everything has been improved since the last one I bought. It is so easy to use, and it is so easy to clean. It is noisy, but it’s so efficient that you don’t need to leave it on long. I love that when I press the ‘extract’ button it goes ahead and does its thing and a minute or so later I have a smoothie. I have only positive things to say about my NutriBullet. I gave the old one away and it’s still working for the person I gave it to." —LaurieJay

    14. A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this'll really dress up your kitchen — and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too!


    This bb comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.

    Get them from Amazon for $49.99 (also available in a smaller, five-knife set).

    Promising review: "These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!" —Sadie Allen

    15. A dainty 14K gold–plated necklace with cubic zirconia in the shape of their zodiac sign's constellation. Your giftee and this necklace? A pairing written in the stars.

    The 12 constellation shapes with their respective signs

    Get it from Amazon for $52 (available in all 12 zodiac signs).

    Promising review: "Purchased as a gift. The necklace is very beautiful and nicely constructed. It was quite nicer than I was expecting, to be honest. The recipient was very pleased! I would definitely purchase again." —Smiller

    16. An HP portable photo printer that'll print photos on-the-go for trendy photo-within-a-photo Instagrams or at home for easy wall décor.

    It's pocket-sized, works via Bluetooth and ready to go anywhere! AND you can edit photos before printing to make them *extra* artsy!

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (available in two colors).

    Promising review: "I bought this for daughter-in-law and my wife had such a fit over it, I bought one for her too. She has had it threeweeks now and hasn't stopped telling me how much she loves it. Prints a very nice picture and there was nothing disappointing about the picture or the printer. We love that it has print-sensitive paper, doesn't require an ink cartridge and works by Bluetooth so a cable isn't necessary. What a little gem! Brilliant idea and product!" —Amazon Customer

    17. A Bearaby weighted blanket if they love their current one (or even have just been wanting to try one at all) but want something that won't overheat them — and one that's so cute, they'll want to keep it on display.

    The white cotton knit blanket on a sofa

    The large knit style is super chic, and the organic cotton is breathable (and there's nothing in it to create the weight *other* than cotton, so no uncomfy glass beads). If you're really worried about overheating, it also comes in a cooling version made out of Tencel. I have this in the cooling version (in the color "avocado") and let's just say I've used it quite a bit in recent times — I *love* it, and it's actually extremely cute.

    Get it from Bearaby for $249+ (available in three weights and nine colors).

    Promising review: "I love this napper a little too much. I carry it up and down stairs all day as I move between the bed and couch for crafting, reading, etc. I like to grasp onto something when I sleep (usually the edge of the pillowcase), so the loops are awesome for tucking in my fingers and toes. Unlike another weighted blanket I own, the napper is stylish so I don't mind if it's out in the living room, and I can wash it, a huge deal given how often it's used. It's a bit of a pain to dry (it took three cycles in the dryer, so next time I am going to hand dry). The weight is very comforting, and I don't have an issue with overheating, even using it in the middle of summer in a muggy climate." —Madeline B.

    Bearaby is a woman-owned brand making weighted blankets in sustainable materials.

    18. A Van Gogh coloring book they can fill out while watching the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode of Doctor Who — they'll have to be careful not to cry onto the book while watching, they won't want the artwork to smudge.

    The cover of the coloring book, in the style of one of his paintings
    Harper Design

    Reviewers note the back cover is cardboard, so you can color from the sofa or wherever you like with a nice surface.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.90 or from Bookshop for $13.79 (to support local bookstores).

    Haven't watched the episode? What are you even doing. Stream it on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

    19. A trio of mini Pat McGrath MatteTrance lipsticks for makeup enthusiasts looking for luxury at a less-than-splurge price — and they come in an adorable sequin-filled bag for a fun 'n' fancy unwrapping experience.

    The three lipsticks in pink and gold tubes with the gift pouch, which is filled with gold sequins

    It comes with three colors: Executive Realness, a "velvety, potent plum," Elson 2, the "cult-classic rouge," and Soft Core "a sublime satin pink."

    Get the set of three from Sephora for $25 (valued at $45).

    These are our pick for best $$$ matte lipstick on BuzzFeed Reviews too!

    Promising review: "These mini lippies are absolutely stunning!!!! The colors are very vibrant and bold! The red color is a gorgeous Christmas cherry color and the dark purple shade is a gorgeous bold purple plum color. They apply to your lips smoothly. Now if you have dry lips, I would apply a lip moisturizer first or balm. The finish is a velvety matte finish and it does not feel drying on my lips!! They are pretty small for the price but I feel that they are worth it with the discount! I just wish these came in full sizes!!! I am obsessed with the packaging!!!!" —China1990

    20. A pearl fringe(!!) headband that made me go full 😍😍😍 when I saw it, and I know will make your hair accessory enthusiast friend do the same when they unwrap it.

    A model in the headband with pearls hanging down their forehead
    Fibs and Fables

    Seriously, how gorgeous is this — it would look super cute with the pearls flowing down the back, too.

    Get it from Fibs and Fables for $25 (also available in a rhinestone version).

    Fibs and Fables is a Black woman-owned shop based in DC inspired by mythology and fables and with the goal to create inclusive conversation about hair — and let me tell you, alllll of their hair accessories are just stunning.

    21. A marble print wine holder that suctions right to any tiled wall with a *built-in* speaker for their most luxurious bath time yet.

    The black marble print caddy holding a wine glass on a tile wall

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    Promising review: "I was really surprised by the sound quality on this as the speaker isn’t too large. It’s a nice simple product that i would definitely recommend. The buttons work well and Bluetooth connected seamlessly." —Amazon Customer

    22. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, a volume filled with delicious dishes like treacle tart (Harry's favorite, duh!), Kreacher's French onion soup, and Mrs. Weasley's mince pies – all with the scenes that inspired them.


    There's a section with four different cake recipes inspired by the four birthday cakes sent to Harry on his 14th birthday by Hermione, Ron, Sirius, and Hagrid. Yep, I'm crying again.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

    Promising review: "I love this book! Some of the recipes are complex and wouldn't be great to try with smaller children — not all of them though. Other than that, each recipe refers to the book and chapter where it appears in the Harry Potter series and includes a short history about the origin of or inspiration for the recipe. The chocolate buttermilk sheet cake has become a family favorite that people request for their birthday cake (my mom calls it the Harry Potter cake). I even bought this book as a graduation present for two of my Harry Potter obsessed students." —Jenn Pond

    Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

    23. A doggone cute Christmas sweatshirt they'll unwrap and *immediately* wear the whole rest of the day. I mean... who wouldn't??

    A model in the green sweatshirt that says "dachshund though the snow"

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in sizes S–3X and seven colors).

    Promising review: "I get tagged in memes that say 'dachshund through the snow' every winter so I finally decided to get a shirt and I have to say I’m obsessed. I absolutely love this sweatshirt. It fits large but that’s only because I ordered a size up. Also, it arrived two days before the expected delivery date so that was a plus! Thank you so much for a great product!" —Rachel

    24. A minimalist filtering bottle for making refreshing cold-brewed tea anywhere they go — it also just happens to be gorgeous.


    Get it from Amazon for $24.50+ (available in four sizes and seven colors).

    Promising review: "Amazing — the iced tea this makes is so much more tasty than regular iced tea (store-bought or homemade) and is much more versatile as it can be used with any looseleaf tea or a tea bag. Cleaning is also very easy" —Ben

    25. A Star Wars–themed coding kit to teach young'uns (recommended for ages 6–900, like Yoda) how to build a sensor that responds to their movements — and use the force of course!


    *No* coding experience is necessary, and it works with most tablets and computers. It comes with step-by-step creative challenges, and they can do anything from making X-wings fly, to force-pushing Stormtroopers, to maneuvering a lightsaber — to even making Baby Yoda levitate!

    Get it from Amazon for $19.73.

    Promising review: "As a programmer and a huge Star Wars fan, this kit is right up my alley and I was so excited to give it to my niece who is also a huge fan! She loved putting the kit together, connecting it to her parent's iPad, and learning to code. The software provides a great framework that starts fast so kids can see cool results from their code quickly, but it's proved to be surprisingly deep in the time we've spent working on it. My niece has started to grasp some core programming concepts that I hope will start her journey to becoming a programmer like me (okay maybe I'm planning a little too far ahead). The Star Wars tie-in is great, as it got my niece interested in something she otherwise might be hesitant to try! I think the only downside is that my sister and her husband don't see their iPad very much anymore. :)" —LBT

    26. Personalized cufflinks that'll make a great ~initial~ first impression.

    The golden letter A initial cufflinks on a shirt cuff

    Get them from Amazon for $7.99 (also available in silver tone).

    Promising review: "I bought these for my fiancé's father for our wedding coming up. I was blown away by how great quality these are! If you are looking for a great product at a decent price, these are the ones you want! They even come in a cool gift box." —Amazon Customer

    27. A whiskey-infusing kit to make their very own ~autumn old fashioned~ in the comfort of their own home and without having to follow a recipe or shop for special ingredients. The pouch is filled with dehydrated orange, pears, cranberries, and apples, plus granulated maple syrup and cinnamon for the perfect balance.

    The bag, with the pouch inside
    InBooze / Etsy

    Just place the infusion bag in a container (like a mason jar) with whiskey. Infuse for at least three days, then just take out the bag and make your drink!

    Get it from InBooze on Etsy for $15 (available in 10 flavors and varieties — the blackberry gin smash is calling my name!).

    Promising review: "Delish! We had a bourbon that we weren't crazy about, so we decided to infuse it with this, what a difference. Completely turned the bourbon from one we kept at the back of our liquor cabinet to one we finished off within days after the infusion was done. We liked that the kit didn't make it too sweet. Really nice balance of flavors. Will definitely get again!" —Colleen Olfenbuttel

    InBooze is a Black woman-owned Etsy shop based in Michigan. All their packets are handmade, filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs — and each kit is enough to infuse 8 to 10 cocktails. Bottoms up!

    28. The entire *extended* Lord of the Rings film trilogy on a whopping 15 discs, including almost two hours of extended movie content (plus 26 hours of bonus material) to get them obsessed — you could even say watching this once a year will become a ~hobbit~.

    The set of DVDs

    Get it from Amazon for $69.01.

    Promising review: "A friend lent me his copy of the first movie with the making-of DVDs and I was gobsmacked, so I ordered my own set immediately. The movies are beautifully done and the behind the scenes documentaries alone are worth the purchase price. One by one I am introducing them to other members of my family. I think it is interesting to note that one of my grandsons has developed an interest in art as a result of viewing the behind the scenes documentaries. Frodo Lives!" —Trivia Queen

    29. A set of laboratory-style shot glasses to truly make drinking a science. Experimenting with different kinds of tequila? Perfect.

    The four shot glasses shaped like beakers and erlenmeyer flasks

    Just started dating someone, not sure what to get, but want to prove you two have ~chemistry~? These are perfect.

    Get the set of four from Amazon for $19.98.

    Promising review: "Such a cute addition to any bar cart — especially for someone with an interest in chemistry! The etching/printing on the glass is clear and quality. I would probably hand wash just to avoid it coming off in the dishwasher but so far so good!" —Cait

    30. A cozy mermaid tail blanket so they can live our their ~fantasy~, aka when someone asks them to do something, they can say, "I can't get up — does this look like the ocean to you?!"

    A model in the purple tail-shaped blanket

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three sizes and 16 colors).

    Promising review: "Fast delivery! Beautiful, high quality product. The color and quality far exceeded my expectations, considering the reasonable price I had paid. The material is soft yet heavy, like a comfy cable-knit sweater. The blanket even comes with its own drawstring carrying bag, which will make it easy for my daughter to pack it for college. We washed it on the hand wash cycle in our washer, and it came out perfectly with no stretches or color running. At the risk of sounding like I work for their company, I believe this truly a gorgeous product that you will be very pleased with!" —LisaKay

    31. A vintagey 8-in-1 entertainment center that'll do it all: play records, stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, record from vinyl, CD, or cassette directly to USB, AND play CDs, cassettes, aaaaand AM/FM radio.

    The retro music system with a hinged top record player

    Get it from Amazon for $138.37+ (available in six colors).

    Promising review: "We purchased this for my father-in-law, age 92, and wanted simplicity for him to be able to digitize his phonographs which is something he wanted to do. This was not only simple for him to use it also had GREAT SOUND. We were amazed. It really made the old phonographs some awesome. We thought we'd have to connect to external speakers to give it better sound (which the unit has connections for external speakers if you desire to do so)...but that was not necessary. The speakers delivered fine sound. We were very happy with this purchase. We will probably order one for ourselves. This 8 in 1 records to USB. We are very pleased." —Janine

    32. Acrylic drop earrings for a statement look that won't hang heavy from their lobes. They come in tons of colors and styles so you can find the perfect pair for your most stylish friend.

    The earrings, with gold wire hooks and half-moon multicolor resin hanging from them

    Get them from Amazon for $8.39 (available in eight colors).

    Promising review: "Great purchase! So lightweight that I don’t even realize I’m wearing earrings! I’ve seen these around a lot and I’m so glad I found them on Amazon. Must have and great for the price. Loving the white color." —Marisa S

    33. A trio of spicy sauces (honey, maple syrup and gochujang sriracha) they'll want to drizzle on *everything* — think roasted veggies, pizza, and cocktail glass rims. Y U M.


    Get the set of three from Amazon for $44.99 (or the individual sauces for $10.99 each).

    Promising review: "Very good, and great for cooking with or adding/spicing up after the good is done. The flavors transform when you cook with them, and it’s delicious. Was a Valentines gift for my partner and he asked for another bottle of the Spicy Maple already. Will definitely be purchasing again!" —Kyla

    34. A chic and simple set of 15 makeup brushes in a faux leather roll to fully outfit their makeup collection in just one purchase. The stone and gold handles will look pretty on display, too.

    The brushes in the roll

    It comes with a large rounded brush, rounded cheek brush, medium powder brush, small fluff brush, precision powder brush, tapered powder brush, precision blending brush, blending fluff brush, large shader brush, small blending brush, rounded eye defining brush, detail blending brush, micro blending brush, mini shader brush, and angle eye brush.

    Get it from Colour Pop for $32 (valued at $110).

    Promising review: "These are my very first Colour Pop brushes and I am pleased. The synthetic hairs are really soft, great quality, and they look so pretty in person. Definitely get your hands on this set you wont be disappointed." —Susu

    35. Toasty slippers with a super-cushy foam footbed they can put on the instant they're feeling a bit chilly. Brrrrrr(ger)!

    The slippers, which are shaped like hamburgers

    Get them from Amazon for $21.24+ (available in sizes S–XL).

    Promising review: "These slippers look even better in person. They are extremely comfortable. These were thee best slippers I have ever ordered." —Markaisa

    36. A wireless karaoke microphone that'll bring the party wherever they go — it's compatible with any smartphone or tablet and can jam for up to *10 hours* on a single charge. That's a lot of "Total Eclipse of the Hearts" on repeat.

    A reviewer holding the red microphone

    It can also connect to their device via cable.

    Get it from Amazon for $30.99+ (available in 11 colors).

    Promising review: "Oh my gosh, I love this! I got mine in the mail yesterday and ended up playing with it for about five hours last night LOL. It connects via Bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone — the music and your singing comes out of the microphone's speaker. It has a volume control for your voice and for the music and also an echo feature. You can put an SD card into the bottom of it and record yourself, or connect it with an audio out to record on one of those karaoke apps on your phone. Between this and being able to find just about any song on karaoke via YouTube, you could easily have your own karaoke parties at home!" —Ferretocious

    Check out our closer look at this karaoke mic for more info.

    37. Paris Street Style, a coloring book filled with patterns, flat lays, outfits, hair styles, street scenes and more inspired by Paris and Parisian style that'll make anyone say "Ooh la la!"

    The cover of the book

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 or from Bookshop for $14.72 (to support local bookstores).

    38. A pair of Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones so they can work out, get a snack, or ignore text messages while listening to their favorite playlist — all without being ~tied down~.

    The headphones in black with text "designed for sound. tuned for emotion"

    I have these and use them just about every day at work — I like that they don't overheat my ears, and sometimes I forget I'm in an open floor plan and just jam out with some ridiculous head-bobbing dancing.

    Get them from Amazon for $199.95 (available in nine colors).

    Promising review: "These headphones are amazing! The sound is great and clear, they get loud, noise canceling when music is playing, basically noise canceling even when music isn’t playing. They are comfortable except after a few hours of constant use they start to hurt your ears but that is like any over ear headphones. The battery life also lasts soooo long, they are great headphones, I definitely recommend!" —Dixie Freeman

    These also won best $$$ wireless headphones on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    39. A DIY cross stitch kit so they can bring out their ~crafty~ side, one thread at a time.

    The kit, which looks like three hanging plants when finished

    It comes with an embroidery hoop, thread, cotton aida with the patern on it, needles, and instructions.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in 25 patterns).

    Promising review: "Love it! This is one of those rare occasions in life where I feel like I got MORE than what I paid for. This kit is just about perfect. The only thing I would recommend you purchase in addition to it is either better needles, or a good needle threader. The eyes of the needles it comes with are a bit too small to thread three embroidery strands through, in my opinion. Otherwise, the kit is awesome. If you’re wondering, I didn’t embroider mine exactly as per the instructions. I had plenty of thread, but it does warn you that if you go rogue, you could run short." —Addictedtoammmazzzon

    40. A pair of meat-shredding claws for the barbecue or rotisserie chicken aficionado in your life. Seriously tho, do you know all the great ways you can rehash chicken?

    The black claw-like shredders and a piece of meat

    If you don't we're talking about 24 Easy Meals You Can Make With Rotisserie Chicken.

    Get them from Amazon for $12.95 (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "This has to be one of the best gifts for your favorite foodie. It's excellent for so many different kitchen tasks. Makes a big shredding job easy as slicing bread. I've bought several of these for gifts and they were much appreciated. They come in many different colors. Easy to store and a very handy tool to have around for BBQs and Thanksgiving. Pretty much any time that you are working with a large cut of meat, beef, poultry, pork, even a melon, you name it, this is the tool you'll want to reach for every time. Moving from pan to platter would otherwise be unmanageable and spell train wreck in many cases. Not so with these. You will not be disappointed!" —Angelonia

    41. A velvety pajama set, because you shouldn't ~sleep on~ luxurious gifts that'll look like you splurged. It's like when Walter Hobbs opens Buddy's gift in Elf, but they'll actually like it.

    A reviewer in the green velvet tank and shorts set with black lace

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and five colors).

    Promising review: "I was super nervous about purchasing, because I know pictures can sometimes be deceiving. It looks just like the photo, so glad I bought it! Wasn’t sure if medium would fit me, but you can wear the bottoms high rise (no adjustable pull strings) & the top has adjustable straps. Overall, cutest pajama set I’ve ever seen, satisfied & will definitely be purchasing more in the future." —Luna Contreras

    We're looking for something a little better than this:

    New Line Cinema

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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