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    Tasty's Cookware Collection Is 30% Off, And My Kitchen Is Ready

    The sale runs September 1st through the 5th... so, uh, *get cooking*!

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    If you didn't know already, Tasty has an amazing cookware collection at Walmart.


    I know!! And even more exciting, right now they're having a "Put An Egg On It Sale" (because everything's better with a runny yolk... and amazing cookware). Right now you can score EVERY SINGLE available item for 30% off!


    No promo code needed — so what are you waiting for, get shopping! We've picked some of our favorite items you can get on sale RIGHT NOW:

    1. An 11-piece non-stick cookware set, because your old assortment of pots and pans *definitely* still has some burnt-on remnants from cooking experiments gone wrong.


    We're talking a frying pan, griddle pan, two saucepans with lid, a deep cooker, AND a dutch oven. And the non-stick coating is PFOA-free, so you can cook with peace of mind.

    Price: $69.30 (originally $99; available in three colors)

    2. A collection of three baking sheets (plus emoji-shaped cookie cutters) for all your favorite sheet pan dinners, plus sugar cookies that'll be a little bit more fun.


    Price: $6.98 (originally $9.99)

    3. A pair of non-stick fluted bundt pans so you can recreate the most iconic scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding — "there's a hole in this cake!"


    Price: $12.42 (originally $17.74)

    4. A garlic press to ensure you don't have huge chunks floating around in your dinner... and also because stinky garlic hands are just not ideal.


    Squeezing this thing (especially with its soft grip silicone handles) will be soooo much easier than mincing with a knife!

    Price: $5.21 (originally $7.44; available in four colors)

    5. A two-pack of springform pans for all your cheesecake, savory tart, and ice cream cake needs. With the easy-release edges and waffle-textured bottom (no more messed up crusts), your presentation will be perfect.


    Price: $12.42 (originally $17.74)

    6. A non-stick grilling pan that'll help you enjoy all the perks of an outdoor cookout indoors.


    The ridged cooking surface creates grill marks (hello, grilled peaches all summer) and also helps grease drain away from food when you're cooking bacon or burgers.

    Price: $17.42 (originally $24.88)

    7. A two-in-one colander and bowl set so you can strain your pasta, but keep your ever-important pasta water — all in one step.


    If you're not adding some pasta water to your sauces, ~water~ you even doing?

    Price: $8.71 (originally $12.44; available in two colors)

    8. A 19-piece kitchen utensil collection with all the necessities you need to become a culinary genius... and make your kitchen a tad more colorful.


    Silicone spatulas, tongs, strainers, a heart emoji timer, measuring cups and spoons, and a whisk — now your utensil drawer is fully outfitted.

    Price: $27.83 (originally $39.76)

    9. A five-quart Dutch oven that'll solve all of your last-minute dinner needs. This is perfect for one-pot pastas and tasty soups. Or use it on the weekend to meal prep a big batch of chili!


    The steam vent in the tempered glass lid prevents overflows, and the silicone handles on the pot and lid will keep you from burning yourself — or at least try to.

    Price: $19.52 (originally $27.88; available in two colors)

    10. A set of six glass mixing and pinch bowls so you can finally try that mise en place technique to prep all your ingredients before you begin. Failed recipes are now in your past.


    Price: $17.09 (originally $24.41)

    11. A three-tiered cooling rack, because your counter space is limited, but your appetite for freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies is NOT.


    Price: $6.21 (originally $8.87)

    And remember, the sale ends September 5th! Check out *everything* that's on sale here so you don't miss out!

    Because this sale will be over faster than these Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Rolls would disappear into your mouth.

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