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Andrew Firestone From "The Bachelor" Is Now An RNC Delegate

Remember when he was on a TV show and made out with a bunch of girls, then chose one and they broke up anyway? Yes, well now he is a California delegate of the Republican National Convention.

From The Sacremento Bee :

Firestone, the son of former Assemblyman Brooks Firestone, is a first-time delegate. The Santa Barbara Republican said he hopes to see expected Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney give an acceptance speech Thursday night that fires up the GOP base and gives all voters more details about how he'll use his vision and business acumen to turn the country around.

"I don't think anybody denies that this country is going in the wrong direction and we want a plan," he said. "We want a direct idea of how it's going to be put into place to get us going in the right direction."

In the video below he talks about love and politics, saying, "I think probably the difference between politics and 'The Bachelor' is the fact that the candidates I think in 'The Bachelor' are a lot better looking." OUCH!

View this video on YouTube

Also, he ditched his spikey hair and now rocks the comb over. Who does he remind me of...who is it!? Oh yeah:

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