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Spend A Day In 2020 And We'll Reveal Where You'll Be In 20 Years

Might as well — since you have all that time on your hands.

  1. You woke up pretty early today. Choose a song to start off your day:

  2. Pick some cozy clothes to quarantine at home in:

  3. Grab something quick for breakfast:

  4. Time to get some work done. What’s on your to-do list?

  5. You got distracted and logged into Netflix. What show are you watching?

  6. You caved in and downloaded TikTok. Which dance are you learning first?

  7. You miraculously had a productive afternoon. Bake something to celebrate:

  8. Quarantine boredom has gotten to you. Choose something new to do with your hair:

  9. Your friends are planning a Zoom movie night. Pick a movie to finish off the day:

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