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    Utah's Guide To Having A Native American Logo Without Being Racist

    The University of Utah's logo features a drum and feather, and they take their team name from the Utes, an area tribe. But athletic director Chris Hill took to Twitter to clarify what's OK and what's not.

    Not OK: wearing a headdress; building a tipi; wearing a headdress while dressed as a bottle of Budweiser; other stuff.

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    This is particularly interesting because of the debate that's surrounded Utah's logo. For a while at the end of last year, it looked as though the school would abandon the drum and feather, but they ultimately decided to stick with it, at least for now. (According to the school, they have the support of the tribe in doing so.)

    On one level, it's reassuring to see Hill taking extra steps to make sure the fanbase understands what's appropriate and what isn't. On another, is any of this appropriate? Native American-themed names and mascots seem pretty anachronistic in contemporary sports. Until 1972, the Utes were known as the Redskins, which is a far more offensive and stereotypical take on the whole tradition (cue dansnyderdoesn'tcare.gif). So at least there's that.

    And, I mean, seriously: don't be this guy.