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    Demi Lovato Shows You How To Give Your Man The Perfect Mini-Facial

    He'll LOVE it!!!

    Demi Lovato — singer, actress, activist, and all-around badass— recently launched her very own premium skin care line, Devonne by Demi.

    To help out the people, she decided to create a ~quick and easy~ tutorial on how to use the products:

    Demi Lovato /
    Demi Lovato /

    In which she employed her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, as a lovely model:

    Demi Lovato /

    And it looks like he's *really* enjoying it:

    It's basically like an A+ perfect example of how to clean your face:


    Demi Lovato /

    May all the men in your lives have perfectly clean and beautiful skin this Valentine's Day.

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