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    13 Reasons It Takes Every Girl So Long To Get Ready

    "On my way!" *sitting on my bed in a towel*

    1. When you have good intentions:

    2. When you spend an hour teasing your hair and have to start over again:

    missgothamcity / Via

    3. When you are just feelin' the music:

    4. When you have to deal with the consequences of taking so long:

    5. When you can't figure out what to wear:


    6. When you just aren't getting ready at all:

    Loryn Brantz / Via BuzzFeed

    7. When you take breaks to see how good the Snapchat filters look:

    fiona_robb / Via

    8. When people won't leave you alone:

    9. When you start drinking wine instead of getting ready:

    christinaliv / Via

    10. And then you finish the glass and it takes even longer to get ready:

    camilllajane / Via

    11. When you start taking selfies:

    abyssiniangyal / Via

    12. When you attempt to clean up before leaving:

    prettypleaseme / Via

    13. And when you just have to finish up getting ready on the way: