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    16 Kids Who Are Bypassing Elementary School And Going Straight To CEO

    Why do I feel dumb all of a sudden?

    1. This kid who figured out the most genius way to always have a little snack on hand:

    My 9-year-old daughter has taken an old lip balm tube and filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class.

    @valeriehahn / Via Twitter: @valeriehahn

    2. And this kid who created a yummy new snack by putting the cream from Oreos between two chocolate chip cookies:

    3. This kid whose pants kept falling down, so she just put on five pairs of underwear to keep them up:

    4. This kid who realized his Happy Meal box can be used as a superhero mask:

    5. This kid who wired his own security camera outside his bedroom door:

    6. And this kid who used scented markers to create an air freshener because they didn't like the smell of the house:

    7. This kid who used one of his mom's pads because they were out of bandages:

    8. This kid who found a super resourceful way to make her own nunchucks:

    In other news, my 7yr old daughter made nunchucks out of her doll's legs. My work as a parent here is done.

    @libyliberty / Twitter: @LibyaLiberty

    9. This kid who simply knows straight-up facts:

    @Chilla_rie924 / Via Twitter: @Chilla_rie924

    10. These kids who figured out how to play tennis without even having to move:

    11. And this kid who figured out a way to drink without having to move:

    12. This kid who made their mom a mini salt shaker with one of those ring holders from the prize machines:

    13. This kid who found a way to keep their spoon from sliding into their cereal:

    14. And this kid who found a way to keep their hair pinned back when you have limited options:

    15. This kid who made their own tongs out of forks:

    16. And this kid who is in the process of *hopefully* inventing eyeglasses that can see where COVID-19 is lurking:

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