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    17 Things People Just Can't Resist

    It's just human nature.

    1. The urge to dance like no one's watching.

    But someone always is.

    2. Exacting revenge.

    3. The opportunity to Lucy your Charlie Brown.

    4. Using wheelbarrows as modes of transportation.

    5. Terrorizing pigeons.

    6. Passing up a good nutshot.

    7. Seizing a lucrative business opportunity.

    8. Playing with a bouncy ball.

    9. Showing off.

    10. Buying useless shit.

    11. Pretending they're Rambo.

    12. Playing with fire.

    13. Petting cool animals.

    14. Attempting to fly.

    15. Nitpicking.

    16. Defending their territory.

    17. Taking pictures of cute things.

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