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    23 Things That Were Actually Invented By Drunk People

    The more you know...

    1. Libraries.

    Twitter: @ziwe

    2. Toast.

    Twitter: @GloriousTorious

    3. Airbags for bikes.

    Twitter: @rubyarmitage

    4. New words!

    Twitter: @DESI4EE20

    5. Lots of new words.

    Twitter: @the_mamaowl

    6. See? A lot of words.

    Twitter: @matriches

    7. Including the word "SMOTH."

    Twitter: @CoraLafferz

    8. And the word "DINOBONER."

    Twitter: @tim_H

    9. Cat floss.

    Twitter: @knottyyarn it is in action:

    CAT FLOSS: THE GAME Rules 1. Get a weirdo cat who likes to chomp hair 2. Go ahead and let him chomp a strand of hair

    Twitter: @knottyyarn

    10. The wheelbarrow.

    Twitter: @jabl3s84

    11. And open-faced sandwiches.

    Twitter: @ytomk

    12. New languages.

    Twitter: @BosnianFries

    13. Tight shorts.

    Twitter: @jess_DAY94

    14. And, you know, videos.

    Twitter: @marinarachael

    15. Wheelchairs.

    Twitter: @whyiamcrazy

    16. Parcheesi.

    Twitter: @GabrielKlute

    17. Dinosaur repellent.

    Twitter: @vroomfondel138

    18. Songs...that already exist.

    Twitter: @aimee_snakes

    19. Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance moves.

    I'm going to bed now but if you're ever frustrated just remember I invented this dance move long before Beyoncé, dr…

    20. Lee Press-On Nails.

    Twitter: @507pm

    21. The game Catch.

    Twitter: @ayo_sura

    22. And flasks.

    Twitter: @AudieRe

    23. But hey, it turns out sober people invent things, too:

    Twitter: @kinobick