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    Free People Has Decided To Pull "Dreadlock Extensions" From Its Store

    After an outcry, the company decided to remove the product from its website, even though it'd been selling them since 2014.

    Bohemian clothing company Free People is in hot water for selling synthetic "dreadlock extensions."

    Free People

    The dreadlocks, made by Purple Finch, were available in two colorways, and were being sold by Free People for $128 a bundle.

    Free People
    Free People

    The company has been selling the dreadlocks since 2014 so it's unclear why Free People has decided to pull them now.

    The product was shown on two white models.

    Free People

    "Add a little something extra to your do with these colorful dreadlock extensions featuring wood, bead, and flower accents," read the product description. "Comb-on application makes for easy on and off wear. Comes in a pack of 10."

    People accused Free People of cultural appropriation.

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    The company is also selling this "Fire of Fires" crown, which resembles a Native American headdress, for $248.

    Free People

    After the recent social media criticism, Free People has taken the dreadlock extension listing down. They've also removed a dreadlock tutorial that was related to the product.

    Free People

    When asked about the dreadlocks, a spokesperson for Free People issued the following statement to BuzzFeed.

    "Free People’s designers and buyers draw inspiration from fashions and trends from across the globe," the statement said. "In hindsight, we missed an opportunity to recognize the rich history and diverse cultures that have contributed to the timelessness of dreadlocks, and we have therefore decided to pull the product immediately."