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7 Disasters Photobombed By The Fake Isaac Cloud

That crazy Isaac photo you've seen circulating the web? Super fake. In fact, we've seen it hovering over several other disaster sites. Add your own Fake Isaac to an image of your choosing with our handy photo editor at the bottom of the page!

Weather experts at Bay News 9 in St. Petersburg really want you to know this photo is fake.

"It is a Photoshopped picture of a supercell thunderstorm that seems to pop up with a new foreground every time there is a hurricane threat anywhere," Bay News 9 Meteorologist Josh Linker said.

"I've seen versions of that photo since at least 2005," Bay News 9 Meteorologist Brian McClure added.

Indeed, BuzzFeed FWD's Reyhan Harmanci traced the path of the fake photo, all the way back to its totally not-Isaac origin.

Now we've spotted the fake cloud trying to sneak its way onto other modern disasters:








Where else have you seen this supercell poser? Add yours in the comments below.

(Click "Use the Photo Editor" at the bottom of the comments, then upload your background. As soon as that's uploaded, the cloud overlay should appear, along with options to reposition it or change the size.)

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