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    Here's What's Inside The Top Secret Room At San Francisco's Most Exclusive Techie Hangout

    It's hidden behind a fake bookshelf at The Battery, the city's über-elite private social club.

    The Battery is a "private social club" in San Francisco that caters to the city's affluent tech elite.

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    Membership reportedly now tops $4000 per year, and cell phone and camera use is prohibited inside. The club's hefty dues and institutionalized elitism have netted it descriptions ranging from "another lavish private club you can’t afford" to "obnoxious pixel cronyism in gilded microcosm."

    The club, which inside resembles the private Soho House club in New York, comprises 58,000 square feet of poshly decorated dining areas, bars and libraries.

    One of the more Harry Potter-esque features is the "private card room." To get in, you enter a members-only bar and pull out a specific book on one of the bookshelves. A hidden door to the private room, disguised as part of the bookshelf, swings open.

    The secret room is stocked with gold upholstered chairs.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    The back of the secret bookshelf door.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    The gold chairs are intensely shiny.

    Jess Misener/ BuzzFeed

    There's also a zebra print rug.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    But most of the other decor is green and deep brown, giving it a "Liberace's law office" vibe.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    There's a Bluetooth sound system that anyone can pair with his or her phone to play music for the whole room.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    And of course, this apropros billboard for Braintree positioned perfectly at eye level when you look out the window.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

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