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    These "Game Of Thrones" Characters Are Totally Dying In The Next Episode And I'm Not Ready

    Get your predictions in now.

    The Battle of Winterfell is here. Season 8, Episode 2 was all about the preparations, and it ended with the White Walkers arriving at Winterfell. Season 8, Episode 3 will focus entirely on the battle.


    With most of the characters now in the North ready to fight the dead, we've got to face facts: There's no way they're all making it out of this alive. Let's take a look at who is most likely to bite it...


    1. Ser Jorah Mormont


    Poor old J-Bear. He can never get a break. He's never going to get Daenerys to love him in the way he wants. And he's no longer her chief adviser — although he did give her some excellent advice in Season 8, Episode 2. All that's left is for him to die for her, really. Which will leave Dany more friendless and vulnerable for the inevitable drama over the Iron Throne in the second half of the season.

    2. Grey Worm


    As soon as Grey Worm and Missandei started making plans for their happy future together at the end of the war, you just knew one or both of them was about to die. It seems likely at this stage that one will be left behind to mourn the other, and logically Grey Worm will probably be the one to go, since he will be in the midst of the fighting. It will also strip down Dany's defences even further.

    3. Qhono


    Is there a chance all of Dany's key fighting men will die in this battle? Yes, and an extremely high one at that, I think. The Dothraki will be at the front of the fighting, so it's not looking good for any of them, and especially Qhono, the only one left with an actual recognizable character.

    4. Ser Beric Dondarrion


    This character is long dead in the books, so he's definitely overstayed his welcome. He's pretty disposable in the grand scheme of things. The only reason he might survive is that he has to fulfil some kind of story function that Lady Stoneheart does in the books.

    For those who don't know (book spoilers!!!!) — Beric transfers his lifeforce into Catelyn Stark after the Red Wedding, and she then becomes the vengeful Lady Stoneheart. Perhaps in the show, Beric will give the kiss of life to someone else — like Jon, maybe? Imagine if that's Lady Stoneheart's ultimate purpose...ooft.

    Then again, maybe Beric has lived this long to kill a few White Walkers and then die.

    5. Ser Brienne of Tarth


    Going into the season, I thought Brienne had a pretty high chance of survival. But her happy moment in Season 8, Episode 2 has me very worried. It's just like Game of Thrones to give a character her lifelong dream before killing her off. And her death would further Jaime's emotional journey. It would frankly make me furious, but I'm preparing for the worst.

    6. Ghost


    Speaking of furious, I said I would riot if Ghost was brought back for a split second in Season 8, Episode 2 only to be immediately killed off. Well, let's just say I'm getting my pitchfork ready, because there's a very, very high chance this is going to happen. The showrunners have treated his character as completely unimportant, yet they know his death will have an emotional impact on the audience. He's a goner.

    7. Rhaegal


    We already lost one dragon to the Night King. It seems likely we'll lose at least one more in this next fight with him. Between Drogon and Rhaegal, the latter is probably the most likely to die. It would once again leave Dany more vulnerable.

    8. Podrick Payne


    I love Pod but honestly there's not many more places his character can go. He's someone who people will be sad to lose, but who is not super important in the endgame. He sang his song, he'll fight his fight...and then he'll probably die.

    9. Gendry


    Like Brienne, Gendry got his happy moment (*cough*) in Season 8, Episode 2, and all the dragonglass weapons are presumably done by now. So unless he's going to end up on the Iron Throne as the last Baratheon, he's dead for sure. (Grabbing two pitchforks just in case.)

    10. Tormund Giantsbane


    How will we get by without Tormund? But I suspect we'll have to. He's another character whose death will be impactful, but who isn't significant in the grand scheme of things (except in our hearts).

    11. Theon Greyjoy


    What better way to complete Theon's redemption arc than have him sacrifice his life protecting the family — and specifically, the boy — he betrayed and hurt the most? Theon will go down for Bran, and he'll finally be at peace. Unless...the Night King resurrects him? Eek.

    12. Bran Stark


    Okay, hear me out. I think there's a low chance of any of the Starks dying next week, but if I had to put money on one of them kicking the bucket, it'd be Bran. I believe in the theory that the show will end with all magic being removed from the world, and Bran is one of the most magical creatures out there.

    After the conversation in Season 8, Episode 2 about how he's the memory of the world, I could see the characters struggling to move on without his all-seeing abilities — with Sam at the end vowing to write down all the stories to keep that memory alive.

    13. Literally everyone in the crypt


    Gilly and Little Sam were two characters who I thought would survive this season for sure, but the emphasis on the safety of the crypts in Season 8, Episode 2 made me realize they were anything but safe. And that's exactly where Gilly and Little Sam will be. Along with the brave little girl Gilly and Ser Davos were talking to this week, as well as Varys, who is definitely dying soon. Whether they'll be killed as a result of the dead in the crypts rising, we'll have to wait and see.

    As for the rest of the characters, I think they have a pretty good chance of surviving the battle. After all, there's still three episodes to go after next week — there has to be someone left to drive them!


    How long they live after the battle is another matter entirely...

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