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    19 Foods Aussies Eat In Summer That The Rest Of The World Misses Out On

    You can't let a summer go past without having at least one Paddle Pop.

    1. Paddle Pops

    Twitter: @rffzkr

    Whether you favour chocolate, banana or rainbow, this has got to be one of the best ice creams out there. It's simple and cheap and you know that it's stocked in every corner shop.

    2. Splice

    Instagram: @lady_brisbane / Via

    Now this is the ultimate summer treat. It's a little more refreshing than your standard Paddle Pop, because you get that sweet pine-lime hit. But it's way more deluxe than just a lemonade ice block.

    3. Chicken salt

    Instagram: @nicklefoodreviews / Via

    Sure, everyone around the world can enjoy fish and chips on the beach in summer. But only Australians get the honour of enjoying the chips doused in chicken salt. I can't actually tell you what it's made of, but I can tell you that it's bloody delish.

    4. Backyard BBQs

    Instagram: @justin.kart17 / Via

    Once again, I know anyone can have a barbie...but not in the way Australians do. Not much compares to eating slightly burnt Woolies sausages off of plastic plates, with a side of pasta salad and a nice cold can of Pasito.

    5. Zooper Doopers

    Twitter: @truebluetheo

    It's essentially just a frozen tube of cordial but oh boy it's one of the best things about summer. Sure, there was a high chance you'd cut the sides of your mouth open on the plastic but it was worth the risk.

    6. Spiders

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    I have no idea who invented spiders, or why, but I'll take them regardless. It's just a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass of soft drink (usually Creaming Soda or Fanta) but it's an iconic treat nonetheless.

    7. Prawns

    Twitter: @MaskettaBen

    Yes I know you can get prawns all around the world, but it's a pretty Aussie pasttime to just sit down with a cold bowl of them and eat them as is. Major Christmas mood.

    8. Ice-cold Milo

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    Milo really is that bitch. Warm it up and have it in a mug in winter, or pair it with cold milk and ice cubes in summer. And what's better than an icy Milo on a hot AF day?

    9. Pineapple fritters

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    Potato scallops are delish, but pineapple fritters really take it one step further. That juicy sweet pineapple paired with the crunch of a deep frier? Pure perfection.

    10. Burger with the works

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    No one, I repeat NO ONE, does burgers like Aussies. Once you've got your beef patty, lettuce and tomato, whack on an egg, some beetroot slices and maybe even a couple rashers of bacon. Make sure the bun is cheap and covered in sesame seeds, then eat in on the beach and try not to lose all the fillings to the sand (or the seagulls).

    11. Pavlova

    Twitter: @aliterative

    It's not Christmas if your mum or aunt doesn't come to family lunch with a fresh-looking pav. Whether you top it with berries, kiwis or a whole fruit salad, no one can say no to a slice.

    12. Ginger Beer

    Twitter: @AussieinJapan

    It's a bit of a polarising flavour, but those who love ginger beer can't deny that it's a top-notch summer drink. It's perfect for the days you're slightly hungover and can't stomach a real beer.

    13. Cottee's

    Instagram: @sunshine_stephie88 / Via

    There's no better cordial in the entire world than Cottee's. Mix it with water, add it to your cheap wine or use it to make a ~cocktail~...nothing beats it.

    14. Cherries

    Instagram: @the_wooden_sheep / Via

    Everyone around the world eats cherries, yes. Correct me if I'm wrong but plonking down in the sun to eat a bowl of cherries on their own seems like a pretty Australian (and NZ)-only activity, right?

    15. A box of Favourites

    Instagram: @sharla_jade / Via

    I know they're available year-round, but you can't deny your consumption of them SKYROCKETS during the holiday season.

    16. A cheese and cabanossi plate

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    Sitting out on the back deck with a Jatz cheese plate and a cold glass of Chardonnay is one of those Australian summer activities that should be immortalised on the $5 note.

    17. Deep-fried dim sims

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    Alright, steamed dim sims are way better than the fried ones. But if you're at the takeaway place and you see one on the menu for $1.20, tell me you're not gonna say no to at least one.

    18. Ice Magic

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    Even the cheapest vanilla ice cream is promoted to god-level taste when it's topped with a generous squirt of this. Does anyone else remember digging a hole into your ice cream and filling it with Ice Magic, then pulling it out to make a chocolate sword?

    19. A coffee and a cake from The Coffee Club

    Twitter: @kayvee_imp

    Christmas time means hanging out with the family, which means putting in quality time with Nan. And there's nothing grandmas love more than having a cappucino and sharing a vanilla slice down at the Coffee Club in the local shopping centre.