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    30 Products With Before-And-After Photos That Might Inspire You To Transform Your Messy Home

    Cluttered broom closets will become a thing of the past.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of dishwasher-cleaning tablets to banish the grime and funky smells that have been inhabiting your dishwasher for months. Just pop a tablet into a cycle with your dirty dishes and watch as your dishwasher becomes gunk-free.

    Promising review: "We have very hard water in this area, and though my dishwasher is supposed to be self-cleaning when you use the right detergent (which I have been), it's been getting gunkier and gunkier and a couple of months ago the rinse aid dispenser stopped filling properly. When I looked that up, the online advice said that can happen if it gets too dirty and gave advice on running the dishwasher with vinegar and other tricks. But I saw this and, being pleased with Affresh's machine cleaners I'd used on my clothes washer, decided to try it. It worked AMAZINGLY, in ONE try. My rinse aid dispenser immediately started working good as new again, and my dishwasher is the cleanest it's been since we got it! Love it!" —Mouriana

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.99.

    2. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner because, like your dishwasher, the disposal craves a good de-funking from time to time. Once you toss one in the sink, run a little water and watch the blue fizz dislodge all the culinary crap that's causing gross odors.

    Promising review: "These are amazing! I was skeptical at first but I followed the directions (which are super easy) and was grossed out and satisfied at the same time to see the gunk that was removed. You put the entire packet down your disposal (I read that twice too) and magic happens in under two minutes! That is what I call powerful and successful cleaning! The scent is super clean and light with a hint of lemon. These will definitely be a cleaning staple for me." —KPITT

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $5.80 (also available in a pack of six).

    3. This carpet and upholstery cleaner to quickly get rid of all those old mystery stains on your couches, chairs, and carpets and make your upholstery feel almost brand-new.

    Promising review: "I LOVE this Woolite carpet stain remover with its rubbing brush. We stayed for some weeks at dear friend’s home while we were waiting to move and they were out of town. Their cat had done some nasty things in their rooms. We thought we’d show some of our appreciation by cleaning some of these spots off their light gray carpeting. IT WORKED! THEY NOTICED! THEY LOVED IT! I don’t know about the cat. So we bought this house with white carpets. Who puts in white carpets?? Anyways, we have white carpets. So I bought these Woolite cans and know they will be used and will do a great job." —Sany123

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $14.99.

    4. A storage box for all those pesky cables, cords, and loose wires that sit on your bedroom floor in a messy pile. This doubles as a charging station for your devices, too.

    Promising review: "I'm so happy with this organizer box. I can't stand a heap of tangled cords going every which way. I've got two AC adapter boxes in there. Also in the box is a small power supply, the cord for the iMac I use, and a long USB cord plugged into my charging station. It's awesome." —Ben

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in three colors).

    5. This bottle of Bar Keepers Friend soft cleansing liquid so you can get rid of old, crusted-over stains from a variety of surfaces and tricky crevices (like the area around the burners on your stove!).

    BuzzFeed editor Kayla with a before and after showing stove with caked on burnt food stains and without
    Kayla Suazo/BuzzFeed

    Use this on surfaces like stainless-steel appliances, pots and pans, shower stalls, sinks, and tubs.

    Promising review: "I used it for the first time on my new stainless steel sink last night — which was already showing water stains. Wow did this stuff work like a charm. It really shined my sink up and did not leave a white milky residue like some cleaners do. I think I might be addicted to this stuff daily, whether my sink really needs it or not..." —Alana

    Get a bottle and a scouring sponge from Amazon for $18.99 (also available with the option for four scouring sponges).

    Read BuzzFeed's full review of Bar Keepers original formula and the soft cleansing liquid for more deets!

    6. A set of power scrubber brushes you can attach to a DRILL(!!) so you can clean grimy surfaces like you've never been able to before. It'll help you clean up so fast that you'll actually have time to deal with all the other messes you still have to get rid of.

    one of the brushes attached to a drill next to a shower pane with half still clouded with hard water stains and the other super clear

    The bristles are made from nylon and won't scratch tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass, shower doors, and porcelain. Of course, if you aren't sure these brushes will work on a specific surface, you can always test a small area before going full steam ahead.

    Promising review: "These brushes are freaking fantastic. I tried them on a portion of my shower and bathroom floor tiles and grout. I immediately had to do the rest because it made the cleaner sections look dirty. I also tried it on the side of my fridge that is next to my stove top. It did a pretty good job there as well at removing grease and stains. The only downside is that it made me enjoy cleaning!" —Eric T. Ma

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in five colors; the different colors represent different levels of bristle stiffness. Yellow is all-purpose, white is soft, blue and green are medium, red is stiff, and black is ultra stiff).

    7. A set of vacuum storage bags if your closet is beginning to look like a tiny pigsty because, if you're like me, you sometimes have trouble letting go and as a result, just can't seem to minimize a decade's worth of clutter.

    Promising review: "THESE ARE LIFE-CHANGING. They even give you a hand pump to use in case you're taking the bags camping or just don't have a vacuum handy. I tested the pump to see how well it works, and it worked perfectly! Works just as well as a vacuum, just takes a little more effort pumping out the air. Using these bags, I got half my closet back! I used three bags to store ALL THE items in my closet including three large pillows and several thick blankets and comforters. I will most definitely be buying more; these are fantastic!!!" —Knastay

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $20.39.

    8. This grout cleaner because the only thing that stands between you and cleaner-looking bathroom tiles is the 10 minutes you'll need to let this product sit for, and a little light scrubbing.

    a before showing dark grout on white tile and an after of the grout restored to white

    Promising review: "I never leave reviews on Amazon but this grout cleaner definitely deserved a review. I tried three other cleaners before buying Grout-eez and they did nothing but waste my time and money. Grout-eez got my grout perfectly clean in no time, plus it was easy to use and no odor. I'll never use another grout cleaner." —Tyler

    Get it from Amazon for $22.95+ (available in packs of one and two).

    9. This cutlery organizer tray if you previously just tossed everything into the drawer, but the disorganized look just isn't cutting it anymore.

    Promising review: "I thought this would be handy and help with space management in a small apartment. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. It keeps the silverware clean and stores a lot in a very small space. I love it. I got two, because I inherited my grandmother's silverware, so there are two types of forks and two types of spoons, and I wanted things separate and organized. Two organizers fit side-by-side in a standard apartment drawer. After getting these, I picked up the knife organizer, and it’s just as handy and useful." —Jerimi

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four styles and three colors).

    10. A carpet cleaning solution designed to work with all water-based carpet cleaners so you can actually watch all the questionable pet stains disappear from your floor. You'll have to pick your jaw up off your (now clean) floor!

    A dirty carpet interrupted by a single strip of white clean carpet where the carpet cleaner has cleaned

    Promising review: "After reading the reviews I thought I could at least try it, and holy smokes, this is a miracle cleaner!!! I think I have tried every cleaner on the market for pet stains and nothing ever really works on my carpets. Even if I get it off the top, it somehow comes back up. My crazy dogs hate the rain and they have one spot that they always go on when they decide they are not going outside. I have cleaned the spot probably 100 times. I cleaned this area one time with this cleaner and my spot steam cleaner and it is completely gone! The stain and smell are 100% gone, not just covered up like before, completely and absolutely gone. Miracle cleaner for sure!" —PLLane

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97+ (available in two sizes).

    11. And a lightweight Dyson vacuum that may seem small but will do a mighty job of restoring your dirty carpet into its original vivid, clean color.


    Promising review: "It was time to replace our old Dyson cord vacuum. Since it had performed so well over the course of 17 years, I immediately looked to Dyson again. I admit I was a bit skeptical that a smaller stick vacuum could do the job in an almost 2,000-sq-ft house. We are senior citizens who have an active lifestyle, live in the mountains off of dusty roads, have house cats and two Aussie dogs. Since we also have horses and acreage, we are busy and the cleaning sometimes takes a lower priority. I wanted something that was easy to use, quick, and not having to drag a cord around sounded really good! I really, really like this handy and powerful vacuum. I was concerned about the small size of the bin, and how often I might need to dump it. But after using it to vacuum most of the house, I'm no longer concerned. did a great job, our area rugs look great, and it moves so easily to our hardwood floors. One really big plus for us is that it runs off battery charge. We live off the grid and generate our own electricity with solar and wind. On cloudy, windless days, I was basically forbidden to vacuum, unless I started a generator. But now, I can have a charge ready and get it done! Couldn't be happier. Can definitely recommend this product!" —Debra Mickelson

    Get it from Amazon for $686.94 (available in two versions).

    12. This fume-free oven cleaner because it's about time you did something about those burnt marks from your misadventures in cooking and baking.

    Promising review: "Oh man, this stuff is awesome! I sprayed and left it on overnight. I had no idea what to expect. I took a paper towel and started wiping out the oven. The grime just melted away. It was awesome! I am VERY pleased!" —Ksgirl

    Get it from Amazon for $17.40+ (available in packs of one and six).

    13. A hanging tool organizer so you no longer have to fight your way through a closet full of toppled and tangled items just to grab what you're looking for.

    reviewer before and after of their broom and appliances on the floor, then held up by this organizer

    Promising review: "Repeat customer! I purchased one to organize the garden tools (rake, hoe, cultivator, shovel, etc.) in our garage and by alternating the tops of the tools up/down, was able to fit them neatly in the holder. Liked it so much, going to install another next to it for the other items. The hooks are a nice feature to hold our gloves and a simple plastic bag to hold things when needed." —Rob C.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.97.

    14. A toilet bowl pumice stone because you can no longer remember what your porcelain throne looked like before all the lime buildup.

    a customer's toilet with yellow stains, and the stains gone from the toilet bowl.

    Promising review: "I bought a house and the toilets were stained BAD. This product was recommended to avoid having to buy a whole new toilet. And it worked INCREDIBLY! My toilet looks brand-new again! Highly suggest trying this product before buying a whole new toilet!!" —JollyLady

    Get it from Amazon for $11.20+ (available in packs of one and six).

    15. This dual under-the-cabinet trash system so you can hide your trash away and actually free up some space in your already-cluttered kitchen. Bonus: it's easy to install.

    Promising review: "Products by simplehuman are like the Lamborghinis of the kitchen. Their functionality, ease of install, and years of use you’ll get is worth the spend. I installed mine at an angle so the cabinet door wouldn’t bang into it. My dimensions were spot on, not leaving lots of wiggle room. Word of caution: the liners that Amazon recommends as an add-on are 'D.' But the main garbage can is 'G' and your recycling is 'D.' The recycling liners should be blue, which at the end of the day isn’t a big deal, but I would’ve preferred having the corresponding color with the liner." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (available in single and dual styles and with trash bags).

    16. A lime and soap scum remover to make the crevices around your sinks, tub, and faucet look ~pristine~ as heck.

    Promising review: "I truly can't get over how well this works! I had never used Lime-A-Way before. I always used a bleach bathroom spray, which would clean, but I still had discoloration in the tub, making it look dirty. I chalked it up to the tub being old, since the discoloration had been there since I bought the house. Well, Lime-A-Way proved me wrong. The tub was, in fact, dirty. At first I thought I was just imagining that the tub was turning whiter, but I kept spraying. It's unbelievable. After spraying, wiping with paper towels, and rinsing a few times, YEARS of buildup was gone. I've owned this house for three years, and since the day I moved in I've tried almost everything; soaking, scrubbing, scouring, bleach, abrasive cleaners. Now the tub looks brand-new!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $13.36.

    17. This water-based steam mop cleaner because it effectively (and safely) removes dirt from pretty much any surface — tiles, hardwood floors, or glass; you name it!


    Promising review: "About two-thirds of our home has ceramic tile flooring in espresso brown with matching grout. I was never able to fully remove the white dust due to construction from the dark grout. I am just thrilled with the results of this mop! The white residue is completely gone and the floor feels silky smooth and super clean. This was effortless; I simply ran the mop over the tile, no pushing or re-do spots. The mop is not heavy and glides with ease, so I find this to be MUCH better and faster than using my spin mop or the spray mop I have been using in between full cleanings. Also, I love the fact that this runs with water. This means I know my family and pets are safe, and it is good for the environment." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $89.97.

    18. A drawer organizer so your mornings can stop involving 30 minutes spent just looking for one dang T-shirt.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of a messy drawer, and the same drawer neatly organized in these bins

    Each set comes with four of the open-top boxes: one with six horizontal cells for scarves and ties, one with eight grid cells for underwear, one with seven cells horizontal for bras, and one with 24 grid cells for socks. The reviewer above has mix and matched two sets!

    Promising review: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE these organizers!! I almost did not purchase them due to the reviews saying that larger than a C-cup would not fit into the bra organizer. At just $15 for four organizers I took my chances and ordered two sets of four. I figured, worst case scenario I would have to cut the dividers out of the bra organizers. I wear a 32DD and the bras fit beautifully in the organizers. I am so glad I took the chance and did not listen to the reviews. I would have missed out on the best cheapest organizers I have ever found. I ordered another set for tank tops and other extras I did not think of before. I will also order my boyfriend the brown ones for his drawers. Great product for a great price!" —Elizabeth L. Blackwell

    Get the set of four from Amazon for $14.97 (available in five colors).

    19. A compact, handheld vacuum specifically designed to collect pet hair, thus making any surfaces that have collected stray strands from your long-haired furry friend look cleaner than ever. This vacuum has a specialized rubber nozzle that attracts hair and sucks dirt from stairs and upholstery.

    Promising review: "I have a huge, plushy brown couch and a black-and-white cat who loves to sleep on one particular cushion which happens to be on top of the couch in a really hard place to vacuum. The roller-lint brushes didn't work well, nor did my Dyson vacuum hose attachments, but this little thing worked! I'm so excited to have a clean couch again, it's extremely important for me considering I am allergic to my cat and I refuse to re-home her so containing the hair and dander is a must for me. I literally just got it and used it on the couch right away, and the difference is huge. It did not get every single hair, but it got most of it and I'm happy with it." —Nanci

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in two styles).

    20. This spice jar drawer liner to prevent your bottles of herbs and seasonings from looking like a scattered pile of "where the heck is the cumin?!?"

    Promising review: "I'm very happy with these organizers! I stuck them in a drawer, added jars of spices, and voilà! It took two minutes to bring order to my messy spice collection. I now can instantly find what I need when I need it without the frustrating hunt." —Susana

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in two sizes).

    21. A nontoxic stain remover spray if your carpet is riddled with mystery stains that have turned your gorgeous chestnut colored carpet into more of a dark brown poo color.

    A round dark stain on a beige carpet before using the spray, then the same carpet with out and stain after using the spray

    Promising Review: "When my husband and I moved to our new home three years ago, we had a professional carpet cleaning service clean our carpets. There were a bunch of dark brown stains that wouldn’t come out no matter how much the technician tried to lift up the stain. I was absolutely shocked when the stain was gone after spraying this onto the carpet and blotting with a cotton towel. By far the BEST carpet stain cleaner I have ever used!!!! I highly recommend it!!! I am so glad that I took a chance and ordered it!" —MYRNA GOELLER

    Get it from Amazon for $11.64.

    22. This three-tier shoe rack to help you organize all the shoes you've stacked up (and keep tripping over) by your front door.

    Promising review: "This was SUPER easy to put together. It literally took me longer to open the box than it did for me to put the shelving together!! I've been on the market for a shoe rack for YEARS — I've never been able to find something that I liked the look of, as well as fit enough shoes for it to be a worthy investment. I was browsing on Amazon and was SO HAPPY to find these! It now holds ALL of our shoes in an organized row in our foyer, and now there's no clutter or mess in any of our closets. It also reminded me of ALL OF THE SHOES I own, and it's helped for me to curb my shoe spending, since I can now see exactly what I own!" —Joanna Kim

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $29.77+ (available in two colors and two styles and in packs of two).

    23. This plant-based stainless-steel cleaner and polish spray if your oven, fridge, dishwasher, or microwave have been looking streaky and gross for years, and you always thought you'd just have to deal with it. Not anymore! With a couple of spritzes and a few wipes, they'll feel ~brand new~.

    Promising Review: "I live in an apartment. The sink is about 35 years old and has become badly stained and scratched from neglect and indifferent care. This has made a noticeable difference. This sink will never look brand new again, but your product removed, I would say, about 80% of the stains, without any extraordinary effort, and put a really polished look on the sink. It is gleaming and actually looks very clean for the first time since I have lived here. I am betting that with continued and consistent use of Therapy cleaner, it will continue to improve. Thank you for a most excellent product." —David Brennan

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95

    24. A set of 50 wood fillers that will fix up and chips, cracks, dents, or even pet marks left from your toddlers dragging heavy toys across the carpet-less floors.

    Promising Review: "My partner and I recently bought a 140-year-old home with original wood floors and wood work throughout. We had the floors refinished to their original beauty, but the baseboards and stair risers were a challenge. They were pretty banged up over years of use, and, after the floors were redone, all the nicks and scratches just stood out that much more. Our floor guy tried staining them, but it wouldn't take. The floors themselves took nine coats of stain because they were so old. The painter tried using pens from a well known paint company, but they didn't work either. My partner found these and showed them to me. To our delight the pens worked incredibly well. It's like a magic marker for wood. I'm still amazed how well they worked. I ordered two more packages because I didn't want to run out. The pens last a long time. Our painter came back to do some minor touch ups, and I showed him what I used. He couldn't believe it. He said he was going to buy them to keep in his arsenal, LOL! I Love this product. Thank you so much for making them!" —Kathleen W

    Get a set of 50 from Amazon for $28.99 (available in sets of 13, 17, and 25 shades).

    25. This vertical plant stand so you can stop worrying about tripping over all your pretty plant friends strewn across the floor.

    Promising review: "It took me less than an hour to assemble and is perfectly level! It took this mess of plants and made them look nicer! The stand is very sturdy, and that's without heavy plants at the bottom. I think the little picket fencing helps to make it more sturdy. The finish does come off on your hands but they provided gloves. I would buy it again." —Amanda

    Get it from Amazon for $72.99.

    26. A hanger stacker because if you opened your closet right now, a couple dozen hangers would come tumbling out.

    Promising review: "Working in retail for a million years, I know how amazing these can be in keeping your life less chaotic! I put off ordering for months, and I'm mad at myself that I did, because these beat a box of hangers hands-down! I ordered two — one for dress/shirt hangers and one for skirt/pant hangers. They arrived today, seem to be made of the same metal that I've used in retail stores, appear to be sturdy, and are super easy to assemble!" —KatieLee333

    Get it from Amazon for $18.56+ (available in packs of one, two, three, four, five, and 10).

    27. This tea bag organizer if your countertop is currently a mess of tea boxes and loose bags.

    This organizer can store and organize 100+ tea bags. There are 12 clear, removable bins for easy viewing and selection.

    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    28. A scarf holder because ruffling through a pile for the right scarf at the last minute is getting way too frustrating.

    It can also be used to store belts, ties, or leggings.

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing. I was skeptical about buying because all the other reviews had pictures with lighter, summery/spring scarves but my collection is mostly winter wear. I wasn’t sure if it would hold all my large blanket scarves, but it does. This was the perfect solution to my organization problem." —Nikolette

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97.

    29. This cute storage ottoman for stashing all the miscellaneous items that just take up floor space in your den or entryway.

    A reviewer showing their entry way with various items all over the floor at first, but then their entry way looking less messy since all of the items were placed in the slim, rectangular storage ottoman by the door

    Read our review of this storage ottoman (#4 on the list)!

    Promising review: "I store all kinds of things in them in my entry hall and living room. They look nice and are sturdy enough to sit on and put shoes on." —Keri B. Mom of 7

    Get it from Amazon for $41.99+ (available in five colors).

    30. And a set of stackable fridge bins because your cups of yogurt and other groceries could benefit from some re-organization, which'll in turn give you even more space for all the other items that need refrigeration.

    You'll get six storage bins: two wide bins, two narrow bins, one egg holder with lid, and one drink holder.

    Promising review: "I bought them to try so solve the clutter mess in the fridge and so far it has been awesome! Now my husband respect the space for every kind of item. Really satisfied with my purchase! P.S. The plastic material is really durable and resistant, which is a plus." —Erika Shelton

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $28.49 (available in packs of two, three, and four).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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