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    18 Fancy Versions Of Everyday Stuff To Help Make You Feel Like You've Got Your Life Together

    Whom among us doesn't want to feel a lil sophisticated?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A good set of kitchen knives is essential – this set of five knives come highly-rated and cover pretty much all your food prep needs.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll get a bread knife, chef knife, slicing knife, utility knife and a paring knife, all in a sleek, heavy steel block. These knives are made using high-grade stainless steel and have fine-edged blades that glide through food. Reviewers praise these knives for how incredibly sharp they are, and note that these are also really easy to hold (that'll be down to the ergonomically designed handles).

    Price: £37.78

    2. This set of stunning hand-painted bowls will have people saying "ooh, where did you get those?"

    Amazon / Via

    These porcelain bowls are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe!

    Price: £19.99 for four bowls

    3. Swap your cotton pillowcases for these satin ones that are great for your hair.

    Amazon / Via

    Satin pillowcases can help to reduce hair breakage, and don't absorb moisture in the same way cotton ones do, helping your hair to retain its shine.

    Price: £5.19-£5.99 depending on colour

    4. Live your most luxurious life with this silky pyjama set that will make lounging around the house feel 100x fancier.

    Amazon / Via

    These have got an impressive 4.4-star average rating, and the lightweight feel of them means no getting sweaty in the night. Reviewers say these are not only of a good quality, but also fit really well! These come in sizes S-XL, and a size chart image is also available on the product page so you can see which size is best for you. If you're not keen on blue, these are also available in black, white, champagne, and pink!

    Price: £16.99-£20.99 depending on size

    5. This double vacuumed bottle says "I care about the planet and I have excellent taste."

    Amazon / Via

    This wood effect is a timeless look, and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for 12 hours. People LOVE this, and 94% of reviewers gave it five stars! They particularly like that it is leak proof, lightweight, and easy to clean. It comes in 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml options.

    Price: £10.99-£19.99

    6. Having matching cutlery makes you feel put-together anyway, but having this set of matching rose gold-coloured cutlery takes things up a notch.

    Amazon / Via

    This 24-piece set provides enough cutlery for six people, and is made with high-quality stainless steel. While these look expensive, they're pleasantly low-maintenance to clean as they can be put in the dishwasher.

    Price: £26.99

    7. Nothing says "that's right, I do laundry regularly" like pristine white bedding. This duvet cover and pillowcase set has a high thread count, 400 in fact, so you'll feel like you're in a fancy hotel every time you go to sleep.

    Amazon / Via

    These are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and have a luxurious, soft feeling to them. They are available in double, king, and super king.

    Price: £24.99-£28.99 depending on size

    8. A bad pair of tweezers will just snap your hair rather than pull it out. Get yourself this mini version of the iconic Tweezerman tweezers that precisely grip the hair every time.

    Amazon / Via

    These are more than worth the money, and some reviewers say these are the best tweezers they've ever used! This mini size is perfect to take on the go, and they have the same excellent quality as the standard-sized Tweezerman ones.

    Price: £13.00

    9. Make your lunch container stand out in the office fridge and try this eco-friendly bento box set.

    Amazon / Via

    This comes with three stackable boxes as well as a fork and spoon, and it's made from wheat straw making it environmentally friendly. They're also leakproof and safe for the dishwasher!

    Price: £15.99

    10. Notepads taken from the stationery cupboard are all well and fine (no judgement), but why not treat yourself to this refillable notebook that has high-quality paper, a sturdy hardback cover, and pockets to keep important stuff in place?

    Amazon / Via

    The PU leather cover is attractive and durable, and the notebook has 100 sheets of 100gsm paper in ivory. It also has a magnetic closure and slots for your pen and cards, making this ideal for work. Despite its fancy exterior this is really reasonably priced, and reviewers praise it for being such good value for money.

    Price: £12.99

    11. Make your manicures last longer with this professional-quality Seviche Vit top coat, that really does keep your nails looking freshly-done for ages.

    Amazon / Via

    This penetrates through to the base coat and essentially binds to your nail to keep them looking great for longer. It's chip and peel resistant, and 76% of the 1,442 people that reviewed this gave it five stars. Some reviewers even say this is the best one on the market!

    Price: £9.00

    12. This shower head is a little different from a regular one – it filters out impurities and softens hard water.

    Amazon / Via

    Hard water can strip your skin and hair of their natural oils, leading to dry skin and lacklustre locks. This shower head uses infrared mineral balls to purify the water, and the design of this increases water pressure while helping you save water at the same time! It has three different settings; rainfall, massage, and jetting, and can be screwed onto any standard hose thanks to its universal fitting.

    Price: £10.99

    13. This grey shower curtain is water repellent, anti-mould, and just looks nice too! Besides, it's probably time to swap out your old one anyway.

    Amazon / Via

    The colour and pattern are neutral enough to complement pretty much any bathrom decor, and it has weights at the bottom to stay in place instead of clinging or billowing. This also dries quickly and water runs right off it, so all in all a pretty great choice IMO.

    Price: £15.99-£17.99 depending on size

    14. If you've not already got on the reusable straw hype, these colourful, food-grade stainless steel ones might change your mind.

    Amazon / Via

    Help contribute towards less single-use plastic with this set of aesthetically pleasing straws. You'll get four straight straws, four curved, two cleaning brushes and a little pouch for everything. These are BPA free, plastic free, have no aftertaste and are colour safe so will stay looking vibrant. You can also put these in the dishwasher with no problems so they're easy to clean too.

    Price: £5.99

    15. This card holder is far less bulky than a wallet, has an ejector system to easily get out your cards, and has RFID blocking to prevent card cloning.

    Amazon / Via

    This can hold up to five embossed cards or eight flat ones, and it is super lightweight – only as thick as an iPhone. This holder is designed with a "stack and slide" system which ensures your cards will stay firmly in place.

    Price: £11.99

    16. Ever bought a cheap umbrella just to have it immediately turn inside out the moment it gets a bit windy out? Get yourself a high-quality brolly – this one is Teflon-coated and windproof!

    Amazon / Via

    This has an ergonomic, non-slip handle and is designed to dry super quickly so you can easily stow it away after use! It has nine reinforced fiberglass ribs whereas most umbrellas have between six and eight, which makes it resilient against windy weather. It's also got a double canopy design (a bit like those heavy-duty golf umbrellas) so that wind passes through its layers without turning inside out. In short – this is the one to get you through the coming months of miserable weather.

    Price: £15.99

    17. We all know flossing is good for our teeth but sometimes it can be a bit finnicky, so maybe it's time for you to get a water flosser that deeply cleans between your teeth.

    Amazon / Via

    This has rotating jet tips and a high-pressure water pulse to really clean between the teeth and also between the gumline! It has three different modes; soft, normal, and pulse, which provide varying levels of intensity depending on how sensitive your teeth are and how thorough a cleaning you want. It only takes four hours to fully charge which can then do you for seven to ten days, meaning it's easy to take when you travel too.

    Price: £29.99

    18. Swap out face wipes for this cleansing balm that melts away makeup and is so gentle that you can use it around your eyes with no worries!

    Amazon / Via

    I swear by this cleanser, it thoroughly removes makeup and leaves skin feeling super soft! This is great for removing stubborn mascara, as the balm turns to an oil in your hands that really gets into the lash line, and you don't need to use much to get the job done.

    Price: £10.99