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    These "Overheard" Conversations On Twitter Have Me Laughing So Hard

    Just a bit of laughter to cheer you up.


    I overheard a lady today say “yeah she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chilli” A BAG OF CHILLI


    While in Nashville, I overheard a guy say, “bro, are we dressing country chic tonight?” I still haven’t recovered from it


    Overheard on Hawthorne: "so are you two still dressing up as steampunk Snow White and hunter?" "yeah but its evolved a bit as a concept"


    OVERHEARD* My six-year-old son just now to our nanny “guys can be girls, and girls can be guys, but you can’t be a house”


    overheard in the deland walmart bathroom: “son please hurry up and go potty so i can go home and cry.”


    Overheard in Whole Foods: “yeah this is the cheese and antipasti section, smells loud” —an employee giving a tour to a new employee


    Overheard at the dinner table: "I feel sorry for all the other subjects that don't have a periodic table." #IMarriedAChemist


    Overheard in the newsroom... Me (while proofing copy): Does NSYNC have a star before the N? @heykatrinajoy: Let me check the AP Stylebook...


    Overheard in NY “you really only have one friend.” “yeah, because other people are exhausting.”


    overheard at #brock kid: mom, did you get your master’s today? mom: yes I did sweetie. kid: I got skittles. so I guess we’re both having a good day.


    I'm studying in the sci building and I overheard someone say "I don't want to spend $300,000 on an education to squeeze teenagers pimples even tho it's satisfying ya kno"


    Overheard in Waitrose: "I'm pretty sure male chickens don't lay eggs." "They only find out if a chicken is female when an egg pops out". I need a drink.


    Overheard at the restaurant: “Hopefully the dress code is ‘garden gnome chic.’ I’m the poster child.”


    More things overheard from my daughter’s bedroom: “Old McDonald had a farm - E I E I OOOOO! And on that farm he had a shark! E I E I OOOOOO! with a BITE BITE HERE and a BITE BITE THERE. Here a bite! There a bite! Everywhere a BITE BITE!”


    Overheard at a craft show just now. Booth next to us sells handmade soaps made with goat's milk. Little girl looks at the "cute" soaps. Mom: If only I could get you to bathe... 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #overheard


    I just overheard at Walmart. Pharmacist: Last name first. Lady who is second in line: Lesbians first? Pharmacist: No. Last name first. For this customer. Lady sighs elaborately. Me (fist bump): Good try. Lady: I swear it will work someday.


    Overheard in my dorm, from the hallway: “Dude, are those tearaway pants?” *ripping sound* “DUDE THAT’S SO COOL”


    [at a restaurant] Server 1: you ok? Server 2: (very chipper) yeah! 1: weren’t you just crying in the walk in? 2: (chipper and irritated) Jesus Keith, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’d never met an actor before!! -overheard, LA


    Overheard conversation I didn’t want to hear the day after my birthday: *group of girls standing next to me* “Oh my gosh I almost forgot it was just your birthday! How old are you now?” “14” “Oh my gosh you’re so old!!!! I’m only 13.” WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MAKE ME?!


    Overheard in Editorial: "Anyone have a ruler? I need to prove a point."


    I volunteer at a preschool each week and it’s always entertaining, but this week I overheard an exceptionally funny conversation between 2 boys: Boy1: you know, I used to be inside my mommy’s uterus Boy2: *thinks* 🤔 hmmm what’s a uterus? Boy1: uhm, I dunno! #SexEd


    “Nothing with that many legs can be holy”, overheard while studying Hexapodas

    Y'all I am CRYINGGG!