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    21 Minor Inconveniences That Literally Piss Everyone Off

    TFW you thought it was gonna be a good day but then your sock starts falling down inside your shoe.

    1. When you want to sneeze but can't.

    @Guz2 / Via

    You FEEL it but it just don't wanna come out, you know?

    2. When your iPhone dies and you have to wait the longest five minutes of your life for it to turn back on once you plug it in.

    when your iPhone die and you plug it in immediately after but you gotta wait 10 minutes before it let you turn it on as punishment

    *Turns to dust while waiting for iPhone to reboot*.

    3. When your sock starts falling down inside your shoe.

    @smokyrabbit14 / Via

    4. When you're rushing to get somewhere and start hitting every single red light.

    Peeterv / Getty Images, Cartoon Network

    5. When you're watching something and suddenly the audio becomes unsynced.

    Saturday Night Live / NBC

    6. When you get comfy in bed and then desperately need to pee.


    7. Or when you're on the couch and can't seem to find the remote anywhere.

    Just like the sock gremlin but WORSE.

    8. When you're trying to watch something but it stops to buffer every five seconds.

    Mashable / Via

    This always happens during the most dramatic parts, too?!

    9. When you're wearing fresh socks and then step in a puddle of water.

    y’all ever step in water with socks on and :

    10. When you can never find a perfect pair of jeans because you're either too short or tall.

    @AmyOverend / Via Twitter: @AmyOverend, @MissByx / Via Twitter: @MissByx

    It does not exist!!!

    11. When you wake up a few minutes before your alarm goes off.

    TBH those extra few minutes make all the difference to my mood.

    12. When you have to sit in your bed at an awkward angle because your phone charger is too short.

    When your phone charger is too short and you think it’s a good idea to roll over in bed but it comes flying out of the wall🤦🏼‍♀️

    13. When your toes poke through holes in your socks.

    @richardhier / Via Twitter: @richardhier

    14. When the "Lift 'n' Peel" stickers don't come off cleanly, so you end up having to stab them.

    @CactusCait / Via

    15. When you forget your old password, go to reset it, and then get told that your "new password can't be the same as your old password".

    Forget password “Click here to reset password” Enter new password “New password can’t be the same as old password” SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE

    16. When you throw something at the bin, miss, and then have to walk over and pick it up.


    *Looks around to see if anyone saw.*

    17. When you get your headphones painfully yanked out because you forgot you were wearing them.

    The true test of patience is how you react when your headphones get caught on a doorknob and get yanked out ya earlobes

    18. When you pour cereal into a bowl and then realise you have no milk.

    View this video on YouTube

    19. When you get squeaky shoes after walking in the rain.

    wearing squeaky shoes in the quiet section of the library is such a humbling experience

    Facts: The squeaking is 1000000% louder if you're walking in an office or somewhere quiet.

    20. When you walk into a room to do something and forget what the hell you were in there for.

    Miramax Films

    21. And finally, when you try to plug in a USB and can't figure out which way it's supposed to go in.


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