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    Fraud, Fashion, And Fancy Pageant Walking At Miss Hong Kong 2012

    At the recent Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, scandal was everywhere. The voting system? Allegedly hacked. The makeup room? Apparently full of dangerous germs. And the emcee? Possibly involved in illicit romances. Here's a recap.

    1. The voting system was hacked.

    The voting for this year's Miss Hong Kong was supposed to be American Idol-style, with viewers calling in and voting online for their favorite contestant. But the system crashed due to an exceptionally high volume of voters, which organizers say was orchestrated by hackers. The panel of judges, who were only supposed to choose the three finalists, were forced to pick a winner.

    2. People think judges chose the wrong winner.

    Judges chose Carat Cheung (pictured) as the winner, but the favorite in the Hong Kong blogosphere was Tracy Chu.

    3. Contestants apparently got infections due to forced sharing of unsanitary makeup.

    According to a Chinese report, during a recent press conference, two women in the pageant were suffering from cold sores, which they blamed on unsanitary makeup that they were required to share.

    4. The emcee was rumored to be hooking up with one of the contestants.

    Emcee Amigo Chui was allegedly romantically involved with contestant Christy Chan. They both denied it.

    5. And of course, some pretty bold fashion offset all the drama.

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