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    Eva Longoria Is Opening A "Women's" Steakhouse

    Cryogenic fog, rain curtains, and juicy steaks.

    Eva Longoria: sitcom actress, Democratic National Convention speaker, and now, also, owner of a female-themed Las Vegas steakhouse.

    Longoria is turning her Vegas restaurant Beso into a new steakhouse called "SHe," and the makeover will reportedly be geared to attract women, complete with "small bites to appeal to the ladies." So basically, a steakhouse, where no one orders steak!

    Some things you can expect, according to the New York Daily News:

    -A catwalk

    -"3D projection mapping"

    -Cryogenic fog

    -Rain curtains

    -"Sexy performers"

    It should look something like this:

    John Gara

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