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    Here Are 6 Halloween Treats That Your Kids Will Gobble Up

    These are so cute!

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    6 Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

    Hannah Williams

    Here's a video that shows you how to make all of them:

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    Worm in an Apple:

    Cut a small hole in an apple. Fill with peanut butter (or sun butter if nut-free). Cut the end off a gummy worm and stick in the hole.

    Quesadilla Faces:

    Make a quesadilla the way you like. For the top tortilla, cut out a Jack-O’-Lantern face, or cut the tortilla into strips and arrange into a mummy face. Use black olive slices for eyes. Microwave for 30 seconds.

    Fruit and Veggie Pumpkin:

    Peel a small orange, and stick a piece of celery in the top for a stem!

    Monster Mouths:

    Slice an apple in quarters and remove the core. cut a right angle piece out of the flesh side of the apple. Spread on peanut butter (or sun butter if nut-free), and place yogurt-covered raisins for teeth.

    Banana Ghosts:

    Slice a banana in half, cover with Greek yogurt, add chocolate chip (or raisin) eyes and mouth, and freeze for 10 minutes.

    Spiderweb Egg:

    Take a hard-boiled egg and gently crack it all the way around by tapping it with a wooden spoon. Place in water with the dye color of your choice (we mixed red, green, and blue to make a gray color) for 10 minutes. Peel.

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