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    The Trailer For "The Boys" Season 2 Is Out, And Holy Moly I Am Excited

    Spoilers for Season 1 below, of course.

    The Boys is one of the best shows on any streaming platform.


    Look, I love Marvel. I love stories about superheroes saving the world. But seeing corporate-sponsored superheroes behaving badly? That is NEXT LEVEL.

    It's got an amazing cast, led by Karl Urban and Jack Quaid, who is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.


    The writing for Hughie is SO GOOD. The show is violent and terrifying, but it's also hilarious.

    In case you forgot, Season 1 ended with a HUGE cliffhanger. It turned out Billy's wife Becca, who he thought was dead after giving birth to Homelander's son, has actually been living in a suburban town with the child.

    Homelander saying "I'm your father and we are a family" to his son while Billy sees Becca alive


    The new trailer shows that our heroes are wanted men after killing Translucent and fighting Vought's heroes.


    Billy seems to be the most wanted, but the announcement also names MM, Hughie, and Frenchie (though not by name). Kimiko/The Female is left off.

    Annie still seems to be with the Seven, despite fighting A-Train and helping the boys escape in the finale.

    Homelander and Annie exiting Vought's headquarters

    Although, after suffering a heart attack from Compound V, A-Train could be dead. I hope he's dead, TBH.

    It looks like Homelander is still trying to get the Seven on track with fighting terrorist group Naqib, which he created in order to convince the military of the need to enlist superheroes.


    From the protest signs, it seems not everyone's on board. Which, good!

    At the end of the last season, the Boys separated after Billy decided he would rather seek vengeance on Homelander than help save his friends. But not to worry — according to the trailer, looks like he's back!

    Billy saying to Hughie "don't you worry, daddy's home"

    He tells the gang "I know we've been through some shit together, but this is a fucking mess." Isn't it always, Billy?

    Meanwhile, Homelander seems to be trying out some questionable parenting tactics when he pushes his son off the roof (likely to teach him how to fly):


    Father of the year!

    ...And dealing with protestors who don't want supes in the military in the only way he knows how.


    I can't imagine anyone's still on Homelander's side after he kills a protestor in public?? But idk, man.

    Billy tells the Boys they're the most wanted lads in the country, and MM asks him what his big plan is. He has one, but Hughie's not a fan.


    Poor Hughie.

    After that, there seem to be a bunch of explosions...


    ...Set to the song "We Didn't Start the Fire."



    These were about the least gory screencaps I took.

    Villainous supes...


    Who is this??? If anyone hurts The Female, I'll end them.

    Homelander creepiness...

    Homelander drinking milk


    ...And Billy, as usual, being an asshole.


    It looks like Frenchie's the only one happy to see him back.

    People are understandably pretty excited for the new season.


    ...Although they noted that it came right off the heels of The Umbrella Academy's Season 2 trailer.

    #UmbrellaAcademy releases first season 2 trailer. #TheBoysTV:

    Watch that trailer here!

    The season drops on Amazon Prime on September 4, so mark your calendars!! You can watch the trailer for yourself below:

    View this video on YouTube

    September can't come soon enough.

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