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    Updated on 13 Sep 2019. Posted on 13 Sep 2019

    13 Things That Only Really Apply To Gross Girls

    You're too old to be biting your nails. There. I said it. That's all.

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    On some level, we are all a gross girl. There's absolutely no denying it.

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    Have you ever put off washing your hair for so long, that you can't remember the last time you washed it? I definitely have.

    I've thought of all the ways that I can try to be less of a gross person and I've also decided to share them all with you


    Will I follow these guidelines? Who knows?! But here they are anyway.

    1. Force yourself to stop peeling dead skin off your lips — get hold of a lip scrub that not only nourishes, but tastes amazing too.

    @sarahapp / Via Instagram: @Sarahapp

    Go with a flavour you won’t get sick of (who doesn’t love peach?), and use morning and night.

    PRICE: $38.25.

    2. Even if you absolutely can not fathom a skin care routine, ditch the make-up wipes. Invest in a make-up remover cloth that can be used time and time again.


    Do the environment and your skin a favour. Make-up remover cloths minimise waste dumped in landfills, and aren’t loaded with chemicals harmful to your skin.

    PRICE: $18.99.

    3. Stop wearing your old bras that lost the underwire YEARS ago, just because your waiting for your fave one to dry. Invest in a bra saver.


    This handy ball makes it easy to toss your delicates into the dryer without fear of them getting destroyed.

    PRICE: $24.57

    4. Say goodbye to picking dirt out from under your nails — all it takes is keeping a nail brush next to your hand soap!


    One quick scrub with this baby, and your nails will be spick and span!

    PRICE: $8.18.

    5. Keep some portable tweezers on you for those stray hair emergencies.


    Do you ever have those moments when you rub your chin, and realise there’s a long, thick hair that ABSOLUTELY wasn’t there in the morning? Yep, me too.

    PRICE: $7.06.

    6. We both know that you're too lazy to wash your sheets, ESPECIALLY when you're on your period. Avoid the bloodbath with some period panties that are actually really cute.


    This stuff will make sure you never experience leakage again!

    PRICE: $56.04 for a pack of three.

    7. And while we’re on the topic of underwear, clean out that drawer of polyester hipster undies with holes in them, and invest in some ~actually comfortable~ breathable underwear.


    Your rose garden will thank you, and granny panties are actually sexy– don't try to deny it.

    PRICE: $12.90 for a pack of five.

    8. Get yourself a hair brush cleaner to avoid giving the impression you’re that chick from The Ring.


    If you're like me and just won't stop shedding hair (not sure how I'm not bald tbh), get yourself a brush cleaner. It will keep you from getting embarrassed the next time someone asks to use your hair brush.

    PRICE: $18.99.

    9. If you find that your drain seems to be getting clogged, you may want to get your hands on a hair remover.


    We can't help shedding — it's natural! We can maybe learn to clean up our hair a biiit more often though.


    10. Avoid doing laundry (a waste of time) by picking up fabric refresher, which will keep your favourite t-shirt fresher for longer.

    @treeactiv / Via Twitter

    You can also use this on your bedding, if you want to be extra fancy.


    11. Get yourself a false lashes case to keep them all in one place!


    I can't be the only one who's been frightened by my own stray fake eyelashes, stuck to various doors and mirrors after a night out.

    PRICE: $16.38.

    12. Pick up some nail biting deterrent and watch your nails thrive in a way they've never thrived before.


    You're too old to be biting your nails. There. I said it. That's all.

    PRICE: $16.88.

    13. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste around with you in a handy box.


    Keep it on hand for days you've had a particularly heavy lunch and your breath smells like the back of a kebab shop. You'll feel a lot fresher than if you just used a stick of gum or a mint.

    PRICE: $32.96.